Featured Project: Metal Lockers for New Lab’s

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New Lab’s Open Office Design with Cubicles and Metal Lockers

Reinventing an Industry

New Lab Metal Locker Case Study

Building 128 Around WWII Before it Became New Lab

New Lab has taken state of the art to a new level by renovating an old World War II machine shop called Building 128 into a space that would be home to scientists, inventors, and business owners. The design would allow for every need to be met for up to 350 individuals and 50 companies. Whether an open collaborative space was needed or a private area to focus on work, New Lab thought of everything. Featuring studios, lounges, open cubicle work spaces, meeting rooms, and 4,500 square foot event space, this is truly a unique collaboration space.

The Storage Question

The only question that remained was: with so many rented spaces and areas, how could every member keep their work safe and secure 24/7 in a place where there are endless amounts of people every day? Yet was also cost effective and didn’t take up too much room? There would need to be 357 privately secured areas for storage, with locks that would be easy for members to use. Finally, the storage would need to be provided and install by a hard drop dead date, no extensions or delays would be acceptable.

Open Meeting Areas at New Lab

Open Meeting Areas at New Lab

The Storage Solution

Despite all these requirements, the answer was simple: Metal Lockers from SchoolLockers.com.

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Metal Lockers with Electronic Locks for the Cubicle Area

SchoolLockers.com worked with Stephanie at Macro Sea, who oversaw the entire project from start to finish, and was pleased with her overall experience with our sales rep, John Davies, “He helped with everything I needed and even set us up with local installer.” The installer was also able to bid out and accomplish other work that was needed as well.


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Wider and Deeper Double Lockers With More Space for Bigger Projects

On top of being secure, SchoolLockers.com lockers offer a wide selection of brands in a variety of sizes to match any workspace. The brand new Penco lockers looked right at home in the industrial architecture. Although most facilities want recessed handles, New Lab wanted die cast protruding handles, and we were more than happy to accommodate that request. Thanks to the varying sizes, the lockers can be located right next to each individual workspace without taking up too much floor or wall space so members don’t have to haul their equipment too far. For meeting rooms, larger lockers are located in hallways to remain accessible.

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New Lab’s New Metal Lockers

Each renter for each space has their own dedicated locker, with sizes dependent on the size of the workspace rented. There are a mixture of single tier lockers and double tier lockers of varying heights and widths. Rather than use the more common combination padlocks or keys, each locker was equipped with a digital lock to keep track of access codes more easily. Users don’t have to carry a key that can be lost, and management can easily reset access codes as needed.


A Close Up of the Electronic Locker Locks

When asked about her experience with John and the rest of the SchoolLockers.com team, Stephanie replied that “It was really good, we got everything we needed when we needed it.” So keep us in mind the next time you need new lockers!

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