Black Friday 2017 Sneak Peek

Black Friday 2017

Just one more week until our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale goes live! We don’t want to leave you guessing, so we thought we’d give a little insider information about the lockers we’ll have on sale so you can plan ahead and pick out the perfect lockers for everyone on your list. 😉 Keep reading for our Black Friday 2017 Sneak Peek!

*The sale goes live at 12:00 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 24, 2017 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. Use code “black” at checkout to take advantage of these killer deals!* 

Kids Lockers

Black Friday 2017

Our Kids Lockers are among the most popular and best-selling lockers we sell, and for good reason. They’re just as strong and durable as our regular-sized lockers, but are a more kid-friendly size and come in a variety of fun, vibrant colors that kids and kids-at-heart are sure to love! These are perfect in bedrooms, play rooms, mud rooms, garages, or really anywhere else you need fun and functional storage!

Stadium Lockers

Black Friday 2017

If you have a sports buff at your house, then this is the gift for them. Our Stadium Lockers will help any sports fan feel just like one of the pros! These make great storage solutions in man caves, garages, mud rooms, and sports-themed bedrooms. They feature plenty of storage space for jerseys, cleats, helmets, hats and any other sports equipment you have lying around the house. Plus they just look really, really cool. 😉

Kids Stadium Lockers

Black Friday 2017

Our Kids Stadium Lockers are ideal for your little sports fans! Purchase one or more of these to add extra storage that’s FUN in sports-themed bedrooms, play rooms, or garages. Each features plenty of space for storing sports equipment and clothing, and for showing off those trophies!

Kids Lockers with Cubbies

Black Friday 2017

Kids Lockers with Cubbies combine the best of both worlds–open shelving on the top to display fun knickknacks and books, and a lockable lower compartment to hide away your valuables. These make a fun storage addition to just about any room you can think of and are available in several fun colors. And at under $80, these are a steal!

Kids Mini Lockers

Black Friday 2017

Our Kids Mini Lockers are super versatile and can be used as anything from shoe storage to industrial-style end tables. Their small size makes them perfect for spots where space is limited. They are available in several fun, vibrant colors that are sure to brighten up any room. At such a great price, you don’t have to feel guilty for buying more than one!

Kids Team Lockers

Black Friday 2017

Our Kids Team Lockers are a perfect storage addition to sports-themed bedrooms, mud rooms, game rooms and more! The ventilated doors give these lockers a fun, sporty look. They have plenty of room inside to store books, games, clothing, outerwear, toys and anything else that needs to be organized.

Tiny Lockers

Black Friday 2017

Tiny homes are trending right now, so why not Tiny Lockers? 😉 These cute little lockers are a fun way to store small things–toys, nail polish, jewelry, you name it! Each locker comes with a padlock and two keys and features six hangers, two removable shelves, and a picture frame on the back of the door.

Kids Bank Lockers

Black Friday 2017

Looking for a fun, unique stocking stuffer? Our Kids Bank Lockers fit the bill perfectly! Each locker is equipped with a coin slot in the top so you can stash coins and dollar bills, and a real working combination lock on the front door lets you keep small valuables safe and sound.

Hope you enjoyed our Black Friday 2017 Sneak Peek! If you have any questions about our sale or any of the lockers listed, please feel free to contact us. Happy shopping!

To learn more about our selection of Kids Lockers, check out the video below:

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