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Lockers Can Change Lives – Find Out How You Can Too

It’s a locker.  A pretty basic thing–four metal walls and a locking door.  If you look around, you can see lockers are used in just about every aspect of your daily routine.  When you go to the gym, stopping for a quick game at a rec center, using an employee bathroom/changing room and especially if you’re a student and you spend any amount of time on campus; they are there….everywhere.

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But how can a locker change a life?  I bet you never thought about that one, right?  Lockers in fact can have a dramatic impact on someone’s life.

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How To Choose Gym Lockers For Your Gym

“They really do need to get a locker order right the first time,” said Jeff Stoker, an experienced sales rep with “In my experience with gym owners, we usually go back and forth a few times to determine and verify what their needs are going to be, hammer out some details and make changes before the order is made.”

Opening a gym can be a bit overwhelming. Face it, you are putting up tens of thousands of dollars in exercise equipment alone and adding to that stress, you now have to search for lockers, right? We are assuming…

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Police Evidence Lockers For Sale Dont Need To Cost $60,000

Ask any police department or DA and they will tell you that knowing who and when someone has been accessing evidence can make or break your case.  We too have found that over the years we’ve seen ‘evidence lockers’ that really were not all that secure.

evidence lockers blog post

Yes, we’ve certainly seen the good, but it’s the bad and the downright ugly of evidence lockers that we will address here…
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Being Strong On Both Lockers & Customer Service

‘Built Ford Tough’
‘There Is No Substitute’
‘Finger Licking Good’
‘Save Money Live Better’
‘Like A Rock’
‘Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands’
‘Just Do It’

…these are all great and memorable company positioning statements and mottos that everyone pretty much can guess which company they belong to!

Jorgenson Lockers Arm Logo

Here at our motto from when we began decades ago is that we are ‘strong on customer service.’  It is why the arm is in our logo–showing we are strong when it comes to not only selling the toughest and best lockers in the world…
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Thank You Bassett Furniture For Best Lockers Photos

We know that these days a photo is indeed worth a thousand words–especially with all the flurry of activity we see our lockers getting on our Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook sites.  So how do we get those amazing photos?

Lockers Pinterest

Well it helps having a partner that has enough home furnishings to create these amazing photographs which help our followers and the curious prospective buyers actually ‘see’ how lockers can look when they are set up in their homes, as well as how functional these lockers truly can become right there in their ‘natural habitat!’

So, this is where we take the majority of the photos of our lockers…
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Find Out Why Our Kids Lockers For Sale Are Tough & How Awesome They Are!

It’s the time of year when kids lockers really start flying out the warehouse doors!

Kids Lockers - Black Friday 2014 Kids Lockers

But unlike our competitors, we here at want to REALLY show you how tough our Kids Lockers are, via a quick two minute video that allows you to see each and every one of our most popular styles of kids lockers for sale on our website…
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Last Possible Date To Send Holiday Packages 2014

It’s all crazy right now and will be so right up to 2014 Christmas!  We put together this list of shipping deadlines that are hard to find and just add to the stress that you shouldn’t be having this holiday season.

So if you are looking to have your holiday package arrive by Christmas Day, then here are some important deadlines to be aware of:

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a list of when YOU need  to mail items.  When it comes to ordering our line of lockers, PLEASE take into account that because some of the kids lockers will be coming from our manufacturers (and they have their lead time of 5 days) our UPS Ground cutoff guarantee day is 12/9/14, the 3 Day Select is 12/11/14, 2nd Day Air is 12/12/14 and next day air will be 12/15/14.

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Listed as per last day to send; type of UPS service below that date.
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