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The Ins and Outs of Locker Locks

locker locksLocker Doors” by Austin Kirk. CC BY 2.0.

So…you have the locker. Want to keep items stored inside safe and sound? Then don’t forget the locker locks!

When it comes to security, locks are the most important part of your lockers. But what kinds of locks do you need to buy for your locker—and where can you buy them from? The short answer: come to us! We keep a wide variety of different lock styles in stock. We know that with so many different options, it can be kind of tricky to figure out which kind would work best for your particular needs. Lucky for you, we are experts when it comes to both lockers AND locks and can help you choose the type of lock that will keep your patrons’ belongings safe and sound. Continue reading

Police Evidence Lockers For Sale Dont Need To Cost $60,000

Ask any police department or DA and they will tell you that knowing who and when someone has been accessing evidence can make or break your case.  We too have found that over the years we’ve seen ‘evidence lockers’ that really were not all that secure.

evidence lockers blog post

Yes, we’ve certainly seen the good, but it’s the bad and the downright ugly of evidence lockers that we will address here…
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Buying Locker Accessories

We know that lots of people are out there buying locker accessories.  Now when one thinks of locker accessories, the products that usually pop into their heads are such things that places like Target and Walmart sell for students and kids to decorate their school lockers.

Keep Calm

…but we are focusing on the people buying the real locker accessories that are purchased to extend the life and beautify the actual locker itself.  Locker accessories such as sloped top hoods, colored dial locks, fillers to make your banks of lockers look smooth and professional and even locker room benches.
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Five Things To Remember When Ordering Or Buying A Locker

So you’re finally ready to order lockers for your facility.  But odds are you are NOT ready because you have not thought about everything you need to before ordering!

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So what did you forget?  Based upon our experience with ordering lockers, here are five things that people have forgotten about when making a locker order.  These are five things you need to think about that will save you valuable time and money…

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What You Need To Know About Choosing Lockers For Your Gym

“They really do need to get it right the first time,” said Jeff Stoker, an experienced sales rep with  “In my experience with gym owners, we usually go back and forth a few times to determine and verify what their needs are going to be and they might say; I better go back and re-measure that space so I can know exactly what can fit.  So we try to hammer out some details and make changes before we finally get that order placed.”


If you‘re thinking about opening a gym, or re-doing the lockers in an existing gym, then it is true.  You need to get it right the first time so you can save money, headaches and time.  And to do that, odds are you’re going to need to contact a professional like Jeff Stoker who has spent years specifically in the locker industry.

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How To Choose The Best Locks For Your School Locker, Gym Locker or Employee Locker.

Okay so you need some locks to make those new lockers secure.  That makes sense, right?!  This tutorial will tell you what you need to know about locks and how they are installed to make the best decision possible when it comes to what kind of locks you need.

“New clients do ask about locks and one of the first things we ask is how the lockers are going to be used and who are the employees, students or patrons who will be using their lockers,” said Jorgenson Locker Sales Representative Ursula Schroeder.  “From those answers we determine what will be the best application for the client.  We are here to help determine what people need.”

The lock you choose will be the last, but strongest line of defense you will have to protect your valuables, so it is best to choose wisely so here are the types of lock options and their uses that will prevent theft…


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Back To School Ideas For Improving Your School Locker or Kid’s Locker

back to school

There are several tips which can make your child enjoy a better locker experience when they go back to school in just a few weeks. Some of these tips may work better than others depending on your child’s need, so read through the list and use what you think works for your child.

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Secure Locks for Lockers

If the lockers you just purchased for your facility do not come with built-in locks, their security is your most immediate concern. Users consider the security of your lockers as the most important feature so you have to be smart on choosing the lockers’ locks. To help you decide, I have listed below six of the most secure locker security systems.

Key Operated Locker Locks

Locks operated by keys are best for lockers that are in areas where multiple users are assigned access to lockers for a short period of time. Examples of such areas are gyms, health clubs, and pools.

The lock comes with a manual deadbolt that is easy to operate yet provides the highest security. When buying this lock, make sure to ask if the control keys are included in your order or if you need to purchase them separately.

Word Combination Locks

Instead of using numbers, these padlocks use letter combinations. Some word combination locks have 3-letter wheels to set a 3-letter password, while others have more than three wheels allowing you to set a strong combination for your lock. The word combination locks that are shown on the image to the left have 5-letter wheels, which create a stronger combination.

Locks that use word combinations are ideal for securing school and employee lockers.

Letter and Number Combination Locks

A well-set lock combination with letters and numbers discourages theft and secures personal items stored inside the locker. Such security system actually reminds me of passwords I use for emails and other website accounts I have, except that these locks have a smaller character limit; usually a 3-alphanumeric combination.

Coin Operated Locks

For lockers that have high turnover usage, it is ideal to secure them with locks that use coins to operate. The cost of labor for tracking locker usage will be minimal as the users can get the keys themselves. A user can simply open the locker’s door and insert a coin to get the key. When it’s time to retrieve their personal belongings and the coin, they just unlock the locker by inserting the key back into the lock.

These locker security systems are commonly used in amusement parks, public pools, hospitals, museums, gyms and other locations where there are temporary or rotating users.

Electronic Locker Locks

A locker lock system that is controlled electronically is efficient and secure for both permanent and rotating users. These locks use card keys that have the same security levels as smart cards for banking. Since it is electronic, the lock can track user history, an additional feature to discourage theft. The system can work on almost all types of lockers and is convenient to use in athletic facilities, fitness centers, offices, hotels, and resorts.

Wrist Bands for Electronic Locks

The wristband locker key is an alternative to the electronic card key and is ideal for users that do sports or exercises. Users do not need to worry about losing their locker keys as they can wear them on their wrists. Many athletic facilities, hotels, resorts, and wellness centers use wristband keys with their electronic locker locks.