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Cannon School’s Unconventional Approach to Using Lockers

When Cannon School, located in Concord, NC, built a new middle school addition, they made a somewhat unconventional decision and decided to use the valuable real estate for classroom space rather than having hallways lined with lockers.

Special Considerations for a Changing School Environment

“Since many of our textbooks are online and our students have a 1:1 iPad program, we realized our students were using their old lockers for lunch boxes, sports bags, water bottles, and not much else,” Carla Moyer, Head of Middle School at Cannon School, says.

Instead, the school decided on a “cubby style” set-up. Students can come into a designated room full of lockers, drop off their items, and quickly get to class. They can easily access the room throughout the school day to retrieve items and leave others.


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Our Mini Lockers Hold Their Own with Toronto’s Biggest Ballers

Just like all of those NBA and college basketball superstars, our lockers got mad skills.

We recently sold some of our black mini lockers to Sourcing Central Promotional Products for a fun, unique purpose. One of Sourcing Central’s long-time clients, High Road Communications, often comes to them for help with branded merchandise.

FullSizeRender{Photo courtesy of Sourcing Central} 

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Metal Lockers For Sale Prove Successful For Private School Auction

Here at, we see lots and lots of lockers going out out doors and occasionally we will notice orders that stand out from the usual large orders of school lockers, metal lockers and even the small, single order of kids lockers.

Metal Lockers blog 1

So as we were looking, we noticed that there was one client in particular that was ordering really bright, colorful metal lockers once a year.  Not hundreds of them, but only about six to 10–and at the same time, each year, for the past five years…

Her name is Kathy Cartwright and what she had been doing with these metal lockers was nothing short of pretty darn cool.
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Look What Nike Town Did With Metal Lockers For Sale!

Check out what Ryan McCabe and his team over at Derse did for the new Nike Town in Chicago, IL with some of our metal lockers.  This is, without a doubt, one of the coolest things we’ve seen done with metal lockers–ever.

Nike Town Metal Lockers 1

“We are a trade show marketing firm and we are doing a lot more permanent installs,”      said Derse Project Manager Ryan McCabe.  “I’m in project management and construction so I actually work with our in-house shop and we build what you see in the picture.”
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Proof of Performance – Deco Walk Hostel – 3-Tier Lockers Keep Guest’s Valuables Secure

Looks nice and warm out there, doesn’t it?  Well read more and find out why it was a good thing to be a locker this winter and be sent from Utah to a more tropical climate!

You see the other day we shipped some really cool Penco 3-tier lockers out to the Deco Walk Hostel in Miami, Florida.  This establishment is literally the only beachfront hostel in South Beach and by the looks of it, it’s a pretty awesome place to be!  And as their Internet site states; “Unpack your beach wear and join our party! Or take a morning swim or a nice walk on the beach to start your day in South Beach.”

Deco Walk HostelWell to help you unpack and have the peace of mind you need when it comes to securing your valuables, our friends from the Deco Walk purchased some pretty cool Penco 3-tier lockers from our sales rep Lino here at  Since the space was limited these lockers had to meet a few of their needs…

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New Gym Locker Arrives In Virginia Teenager’s Bedroom – Girl Is Thrilled!

“We just moved into a new house that has an urban look to it and my daughter is turning 11 and we decided to give her a cool room,” said Heather Enright.


Most notably so!  Check out what the Enright family did for their daughter out in Ashburn, Virginia.  They bought eight Penco Invincible II gym type lockers from us here at, and found a truly awesome way to use them in their daughter’s room at home…

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Proof Of Performance: Lockers and Locker Room Benches For Bridgestone

This is what you locker room can look like!

Just ask Marty Weatherford who recently took his Bridgestone tire business located in Russellville, Arkansas and updated his employee locker room with some of the best priced single tier lockers bought from us right here at


By adding these lockers, Bridgestone has proven to their employees that they are just as concerned about keeping the employee’s belongings safe, as well as ensuring their employees have a comfortable place to change when they come in or leave from their shifts at work…

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