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A Firefighter Room Fit for a King

Sometimes the smallest person can be the biggest inspiration.

This is “John John.” He’s five years old and wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. And another thing about John? He has cancer. He was diagnosed with an aggressive, malignant brain tumor in 2013 and doctors told his parents last year that he only had three to nine months left to live. But John is a fighter! And fighters deserve pretty awesome rooms…so it’s a good thing The Corner Kingdom Project exists.

john_lockerAll photos in this post courtesy The Corner Kingdom Project

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All You Need is Love…and Lockers and Sticky Notes

It’s no secret that we love lockers…but in the past couple of weeks, what we’ve loved even more is the joy that lockers can bring to people. And we don’t mean because they can help organize spaces or keep your belongings safe and secure. Wondering what on earth we’re talking about?

Last week (February  9-15) was Random Acts of Kindness Week. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, headquartered in Denver, Colo.,  was established in 1995 to inspire people to practice kindness and pass it on to others.

“On the surface, it’s a week dedicated to performing simple acts of kindness,” their website explains. “But really? It’s an opportunity to make kindness the norm instead of the exception.”

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