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How to Assemble a Kids Stadium Locker

Buying one of our Kids Stadium Lockers as a gift and having it shipped unassembled? Chances are you might need a little bit of help putting it together. Your purchase should include assembly instructions, but just in case yours get misplaced (or you just need some additional help), we’ve got your back. 🙂 Read on for 12 easy steps and get your Kids Stadium Locker put together in no time!

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Find Out Why Our Kids Lockers For Sale Are Tough & How Awesome They Are!

It’s the time of year when kids lockers really start flying out the warehouse doors!

Kids Lockers - Black Friday 2014 Kids Lockers

But unlike our competitors, we here at want to REALLY show you how tough our Kids Lockers are, via a quick two minute video that allows you to see each and every one of our most popular styles of kids lockers for sale on our website…
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How To Personalize & Accessorize Your School Locker

It’s all about the accessories now, isn’t it?  Face it, who wants to use a boring gray or brown school locker for an entire school year when you can easily personalize and accessorize the dull and lifeless locker they assign to you once school begins?

“I love my crappy, boring and dull locker!” SAID NO ONE–EVER.

SchoolLockers dot com locker accessories

So here are a few ideas to get you excited about doing a full blown school locker makeover:
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Choosing Lockers – Finding The Best Sports Lockers

Let’s face it; there are a lot of styles and designs of sports lockers out there.  Why so many, that you can actually find some random gym lockers to use as a sports locker and odds are they’d perform fairly adequately as well…

sports lockers 4

BUT if you are looking for the best possible sports lockers for your facility, college, high school or stadium, then there are some questions you need to ask yourself before calling whatever locker company you buy from.  Here is a list of those questions:

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Five Things To Remember When Ordering Or Buying A Locker

So you’re finally ready to order lockers for your facility.  But odds are you are NOT ready because you have not thought about everything you need to before ordering!

frustrated dude

So what did you forget?  Based upon our experience with ordering lockers, here are five things that people have forgotten about when making a locker order.  These are five things you need to think about that will save you valuable time and money…

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Using A New, On Sale Locker To Organize Your Kid’s Room

A boy’s room can be a certified disaster area.  There is no doubt to that!  Face it, we’ve all had our share of trying to pick up after playing when they “explode” in their rooms or haphazardly drop their toys on the floor.  And since most of those toys can sometimes be hidden under unsuspecting layers of clothing, odds are you’ve stepped on a few unpleasant things over the years now, haven’t you?

We have a solution.

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What The Ritz Carlton And Joshie The Stuffed Giraffe Taught Me About A Logo And A Brand

We returned from a recent convention in Las Vegas, and there in between the evenings of debauchery (not really…but really) we learned quite a few things and one very critical and important lesson; the difference between a logo, and a brand.

Scott Stratten is the author of several books.  By the way, if you ever get the opportunity to hear Mr. Stratten in person, I would highly suggest you go–it could be the best hour you ever spend…two if you’re lucky.

Yet despite all of my adoring accolades, he will most likely go down in history as the guy who came up with THIS gem:

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Back To School Ideas For Improving Your School Locker or Kid’s Locker

back to school

There are several tips which can make your child enjoy a better locker experience when they go back to school in just a few weeks. Some of these tips may work better than others depending on your child’s need, so read through the list and use what you think works for your child.

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How To Open A Jammed Locker Or Gym Locker On Your Own

Jammed locker 5

Dude. It’s okay! We are here to help you open your jammed locker!

Before we begin, remember that although the school locker is yours to use, it is on a “borrowed” basis. The locker is legally considered school property and belongs to the school district, so before you begin cranking on it, using your gym baseball bat, football helmet as a battering ram and handy pry bar or explosives, first try these simple steps;

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How To Paint And Repair A Dent In A School Locker, Military Locker, Gym Locker Or Any Other Metal Locker

From time to time we like to give tips on things relating to gym, school or sports lockers. This is an opportunity for our clients to use this blog as a resource and tutorial to help answer questions that they have once they have purchased our products. This blog post will address how to paint a locker, because now that you have it, one day it may be accidentally dinged or dented and require some touch ups or a full paint makeover.


Every gym, school, storage or metal locker can be made to look brand new.

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