Cannon School’s Unconventional Approach to Using Lockers

When Cannon School, located in Concord, NC, built a new middle school addition, they made a somewhat unconventional decision and decided to use the valuable real estate for classroom space rather than having hallways lined with lockers.

Special Considerations for a Changing School Environment

“Since many of our textbooks are online and our students have a 1:1 iPad program, we realized our students were using their old lockers for lunch boxes, sports bags, water bottles, and not much else,” Carla Moyer, Head of Middle School at Cannon School, says.

Instead, the school decided on a “cubby style” set-up. Students can come into a designated room full of lockers, drop off their items, and quickly get to class. They can easily access the room throughout the school day to retrieve items and leave others.


Helpful Advice from the Locker Experts

Moyer worked with one of our top sales executives, Jeff Stoker, on the project. The school initially wanted wood lockers, but per Stoker’s advice, ended up choosing high density polyethylene plastic lockers that have a quicker turnaround and lots of fun colors to choose from. Stoker suggested using Cannon’s school colors for a two-tone finish and a splash of color. Plastic lockers are durable and low-maintenance, making them an excellent choice for schools.

Installation of the project was subcontracted to Southern Concepts, part of our vast network of installers.

“The installers were professional, lovely to talk to, and very thorough,” Moyer says. “They even asked for a vacuum to clean up at the end of the day! They came in on a Saturday…and we had the cubbies ready to go the following Monday for our students.”

Overall, Moyer and the students and staff at Cannon School are happy with the cubby lockers.


“We weren’t sure what to expect, but I can tell you that the kids and the adults are all very pleased with the final product,” Moyer says. “They are very easy for the kids to use. We did not assign individual lockers. The kids just come in and take the cubby they need on any given day depending on what they are carrying. They look terrific, and the room looks really great overall.”

This project just goes to show that in a changing world where traditional lockers are sometimes deemed unnecessary, an innovative approach to providing students with a place to store belongings during the school day can be a real success.

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