5 Ways Lockers Can Take the Stress Out of Your Holidays

The holidays can be a challenge when it comes to keeping your sanity, with gifts to buy, halls to deck, a house to winterize and prepare for guests, and countless other items to cross off of your to-do list on top of your regular work and family obligations. It may not seem obvious, but we’ve come up with five ways lockers can help take the stress out of your holidays.

Create a Makeshift Mudroom 

With cold and wet weather on the way, there are lots of extras that seem to show up on the floors of your entryway areas. Use our kids stadium lockers (or any type of locker you want) to create a makeshift mudroom area near your front door or garage to hold coats, snow pants, gloves, scarves, hats and boots.

Make Your Guests Feel Right at Home

Are you expecting out-of-town guests over the holidays? Our mini lockers or kids lockers with cubbies are great storage solutions for guest rooms and bathrooms. Use them in bedrooms to hold extra bedding, robes, pillows and other items. (The open shelves on the top section of our kids lockers with cubbies are a great place for books or magazines your visitors may be interested in reading when they turn in for the night!) In the bathroom, you can use lockers to store extra towels, soaps, and any toiletries your guests may have forgotten to make their stay extra comfortable and memorable.

take the stress out of your holidays

Keep Snoops Away from Surprises

If you have curious children (or adults, let’s be honest) in your house, it can be tricky to keep those Christmas surprises a secret. Lock up all of your gifts in a locker until the big day!

Create a Gift Wrapping Station

When it’s time to get all of your presents wrapped, it can be a bit overwhelming to remember where you put everything you need. Use a locker to create a gift wrapping station and keep everything in one convenient place! You can store boxes, gift bags, and rolls of wrapping paper on the locker bottom, and upper storage shelves are a great place to stash scissors, tissue paper, bows, tape, ribbon, and gift tags.

take the stress out of your holidays

Make It Easy for Santa to Unload His Sleigh

Santa’s pretty busy this time of year, so he can take all of the help he can get. Make it easy for him on Christmas Eve by putting a couple of lockers next to the Christmas tree! Our kids lockers even come in festive colors like red, white, and green so they’ll fit in seamlessly with your decor. Santa can easily unload the gifts from his sleigh right into the lockers, and BONUS for you—you can keep them all year round to help you organize books, toys, games and more. We’re pretty sure this will get your name permanently on the “nice” list. 😉

take the stress out of your holidays

What are some other ways you take the stress out of your holidays? Leave us a comment below!

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