Choosing Lockers – Finding The Best Sports Lockers

Let’s face it; there are a lot of styles and designs of sports lockers out there.  Why so many, that you can actually find some random gym lockers to use as a sports locker and odds are they’d perform fairly adequately as well…

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BUT if you are looking for the best possible sports lockers for your facility, college, high school or stadium, then there are some questions you need to ask yourself before calling whatever locker company you buy from.  Here is a list of those questions:

What specific sports are you and your team involved in?  Believe it or not, we find people ready to order who haven’t asked themselves this critical question!  The reason why this question is so important when choosing sports lockers is that the locker needs to be able to contain the gear each of the athletes use for this sport!  It’s just that simple.


Football sports lockers are going to need more room than golf sports lockers because of all the pads, the large helmets and the other training gear these athletes need.  The sports lockers for, say, golf need less width, but a lot more vertical room as well as small lockable compartments for odds-and-ends.

So remember the end user and what their equipment storage needs are before you order.  Then speak with a knowledgeable locker sales rep to discuss such things as; “can a player fit all his pads into this locker?’  ‘Can the helmet be locked up?’  Or if you are choosing an open-front locker design ask yourself; ‘Does the entire locker room need security to keep the expensive gear secure?’

sports lockers 3Answering questions such as these could save you a lot of headaches as well as frustrated athletes in the end…

Next think about where you will be placing these sports lockers.  If they are going to be in places like professional locker rooms where the media has access and you want them to receive some visibility when drafting or for school tours then perhaps you need to think about the material they are made of–?

Wood sports lockers truly give a high-end look and feel to any locker room–much better than metal ones that are used in high schools, rec centers and gyms.  So this becomes a very important question to ask before ordering, setting them up and realizing those metal sports lockers don’t give the same feel/look as to what you were looking for.

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But if you are on a budget and your locker room is for something like, say, high school sports then the gym lockers design (with added perforations in the heavy duty gauge steel doors and sides) becomes an alternate plan to the normal sports locker, open-front design and still accomplishes the task of holding large amounts and sizes of athletic gears, pads, helmets and balls.

Are you planning on adding some special features to your sports lockers?  If so, it is best done before the lockers are put into place.  Having team logos, names or even alternating school colors can be done, but will require more ‘heads up’ than just making a quick last-minute order.

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Think also about how quick you will need these sports lockers to arrive and be set up.  Often companies can offer an unlimited selection of colors, designs, configurations and other locker considerations, BUT they will require lead times as well!  So to ensure that you get the full range of modifications and the features you need/require, make sure you speak with your sales rep to fully understand the colors and unlimited choices when it comes to meeting your deadlines.

Finally when choosing excellent sports lockers, the idea is simple; these lockers will usually be the open-front, stadium locker design and most likely will be placed in pro sports locker rooms.  Think NBA, NFL, MLB and collegiate sports venues where the locker rooms are highly visible…

sports lockers 2Therefore be thinking of state-of-the-art premium wood sports lockers that are slightly larger and have that high-end, expensive look at feel to them.  That’s not saying they can’t be done less expensive than you think, because they can–but those amazing sports lockers are generally the types professional and college campuses look for when choosing a sports locker.

sports lockers for kids

Interestingly enough, most companies also offer kids sports lockers which are the exact same version of the professional full-sized ones, but can easily fit into kids rooms and give plenty of room for their sporting equipment, clothing, pads and even helmets and balls.  For instance, here is our line of kids sports lockers.

So by thinking about the answers to these questions, you should be able to make the best choice possible when it comes to the lockers you need for your facility, team and athletes.

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