How to Use Lockers to Stay Organized at Home All School Year Long

Back to school season is here! While you may typically think of using lockers inside schools to store books in between classes or pass love notes to your crush, we’ve come up with several ways you can use lockers to stay organized at home all school year long!

use lockers to stay organized

  1. Set Up a Homework Station

Getting your kids to do their homework is hard enough without the added stress of gathering up necessary supplies and assignments. Set up a homework station to easily store everything they need! Have a designated locker for each person and place it next to their desks for easy access. They can store books, notebooks, paper, pencils and more inside. 

use lockers to stay organized

  1. Keep School Supplies in One Organized, Central Location

Let’s face it, being successful in school requires a LOT of stuff. Keep everything organized in one central location by using a locker to store your school supplies! Stash paper, pencils, glue/glue sticks, staplers, tape and more inside, and place one in the office, den, play room, etc. so your kids know exactly where to go when they’re looking for something. And our locker accessories can really take your organizational skills to the next level—check out this blog post to find out more!

  1. Create Catch-All Stations in Mud Rooms or Entryway Areas

With school back in session, you’re going to be busy enough without having to worry about picking up after your kids every day when they get home. Use lockers to create catch-all stations in your mud room or entryway to store backpacks, outerwear, hats and books. Each person in your family can have a designated locker for their belongings, so you can keep the clutter In the lockers–not in your house. 

use lockers to stay organized

  1. Organize Gear for Extracurricular Activities

If your kids are involved in extracurricular activities then you know firsthand all of the stuff that comes along with it! Lockers are a great place to store jerseys, hats, cleats and other sports equipment, dance or cheerleading gear, as well as small instruments and sheet music.

use lockers to stay organized

How would you most like to use lockers to stay organized at your house?

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