Creative Ways to Use Lockers: From Shoe Storage to Console Bars!

One of our favorite things to do is share creative ways to use lockers. Contrary to what you might think, they aren’t only for schools or gym locker rooms. That’s part of what makes lockers such a fabulous storage solution! They are extremely versatile and come in so many different styles and configurations that you can use them in practically any room in your home!

Some of our Favorite Creative Ways to Use Lockers

Clothing Storage: Not enough room in your closet–or don’t have a closet at all? Create a unique storage solution for your clothes with lockers! We especially like this idea from Apartment Therapy that includes a hanging rod in the middle of the lockers.Creative Ways to Use Lockers

Command Station: Busy families need all of the help they can get to stay organized. We love this idea from Two Thirty-Five Designs of creating a command station using a bank of lockers to hold backpacks, books, and other school supplies!Creative Ways to Use Lockers

Console Bar: We’ve pretty much fallen in love with this kitchen console bar from 17 Apart. Not only does it add a fun industrial vibe to their kitchen, it provides lots of storage space for extra bowls, pans, and other kitchen gadgets. Total win-win!Creative Ways to Use Lockers

Cookbook Storage: Storing cookbooks can be tricky, but we think Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof has come up with the perfect solution! Vintage locker baskets mounted on the wall? Genius.Creative Ways to Use Lockers

Kitchen Island: Talk about plenty of storage space! Using a bank of box lockers as an industrial-style island, like this one in Design Mom‘s kitchen, is one of our favorite ideas ever.Creative Ways to Use Lockers

Kitchen Storage or Extra Pantry Space: It seems like almost everybody could use a bigger pantry. Or maybe you just want to add a fun industrial vibe to your kitchen. 😉 Any way you look at it, these built-in lockers that serve as pantry space are simply fabulous!Creative Ways to Use Lockers

Nursery Changing Table: We’re big proponents of using lockers as fun storage options in kid’s rooms. But Reality & Retrospect has really taken it up a notch with this amazing DIY changing table using old lockers!Creative Ways to Use Lockers

Shoe Storage: If shoes are  your thing, you’re probably always looking for creative ways to store them. This idea, used in a bachelor pad, is a pretty clever way to add plenty of storage for shoes while also adding a bit of industrial style to your space.Creative Ways to Use Lockers

Swimming Gear Storage: If you have little fishes at your house (or are one yourself!), then you’re well aware of all of the stuff that goes along with swimming. Suits, towels, goggles, pool toys, sunscreen, hats…you name it. Lockers are the perfect way to keep all of your gear organized in one convenient place! Just ask The Creative Mom. 😉Creative Ways to Use Lockers

Wine Storage: Lockers are an obvious choice for any man cave, but lockers that store all of your wine? This idea from Design Improvised is just seriously amazing.Creative Ways to Use Lockers

How would you use lockers in your home? And what other creative ways to use lockers have you seen?

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