It’s Back to School Time! Don’t Forget the Locker Accessories

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School Lockers Yellow Hallway Parent teacher conference” by Steven DepoloCC BY 2.0 

It’s that time of year that parents look forward to and kids (and maybe sometimes teachers!) dread…everybody’s going back to school! That means new classes, clothes, school supplies, books and every students’ rite of passage: lockers. Besides providing the pressure of memorizing a combination, lockers can help your student stay organized and on top of things. And we’re here to help with some fantastic locker accessories that will help your child get to the head of the class.

Dry-Erase Boardslocker-dry-erase-boards

Our dry-erase boards will really help your student stay on top of things! These have magnetic backs and can be hung anywhere inside a locker, making it easy to jot down reminders about homework, activities, projects and maybe even phone numbers when they work up the nerve to talk to their crush. 😉 These come with one black marker and a wipe cloth and are available with four different colors of trim.

Locker Boxes

locker_boxes3Lockers can quickly become black holes for pens, pencils, lip balm and other small items. Our locker boxes will help keep writing utensils, rulers, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc. stored and organized in one convenient location so your student can quickly find what he or she needs and still make it to class before the tardy bell. Their compact size, durable wire mesh and magnetic backing make it easy to hang them anywhere inside a locker.

Locker Shelves

shelvesOur selection of locker shelves will help your student take full advantage of the space in their locker. We have different sizes and styles to choose from (including hollow-core PVC, metal and wire) that make stacking and organizing any books, bags, art supplies and sports equipment a cinch.

(P.S. Locker shelves work great for lockers at home, too! Purchase some extra shelves to give yourself more room to store personal belongings like books, games, puzzles and more.)


Let’s face it, a big part of our time in junior high and high school is making sure we look our best. Our magnetic locker mirrors are the perfect accessory to any metal locker and won’t get in the way of your other belongings. Their wire mesh design also makes it possible to hang earrings, pins and other jewelry from them; or use extra magnets along with the mirror to hang up posters and pictures.

And the best part about our locker accessories? You can take them home once the school year is over and keep on using them in bedrooms, mud rooms or offices all year round.

Now get to class! 🙂


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