How To Personalize & Accessorize Your School Locker

It’s all about the accessories now, isn’t it?  Face it, who wants to use a boring gray or brown school locker for an entire school year when you can easily personalize and accessorize the dull and lifeless locker they assign to you once school begins?

“I love my crappy, boring and dull locker!” SAID NO ONE–EVER.

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So here are a few ideas to get you excited about doing a full blown school locker makeover:

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1.  Start with how you want to organize it.  Depending on if you decide to add additional shelves and which color of shelves you want, first you need to figure out how the layout can meet your needs.

Try getting a hold of all your books and then when you have a moment, organize your class books into groups that you will need during the day–arrange from large to small, or morning to afternoon classes, or heavy to light, thick to thin or whatever way you feel is going to be the very best way to store them in your school locker.

(Our site has some great deals on really sturdy shelves right here in our Locker Accessories page.)

Next now that you have a plan or system, measure carefully the space were you want to put those new shelves or dividers and then GO SHOPPING!  🙂

2.  Now that you know the dimensions and have decided upon where the books and other personal things will go, it is time to choose a color pallet for your project and how you will accessorize your school locker.  Most teenagers these days are looking for bright, bright colors that help liven up a school locker’s interior.  So by choosing a semi-neutral color for your dividers, it can help tie the whole locker together and ensure that no matter which color of accessory you purchase, it will tie itself in using that color.

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Earth tones, browns and beige work well, however if you are looking for a less subtle color to tie it all together, then go with a navy blue, red or vibrant color.  Remember these are just suggestions how to accessorize your school locker, so take what you feel is good and let your personality out!

3.  Find the accessories that will best help you with storage, FIRST.  Then go for the ‘fun’ stuff.  By locating and installing things like that mirror you need, or the small shelf that you need to hold the extra hairbrush, mouthwash, gum, dental floss and chapstick/lip balm allows you to get that into place first and not have to re-arrange and return items that impede placing it there.

Face it; which would you rather have to accessorize your school locker?  A convenient and handy tray to keep your items, or some giant fluffy yellow flower decal?

Yep–the tray is much better.  ~wink~

SchoolLockers dot com accessorize a locker
4.  Now that you have all the functional accessories installed, TIME TO HAVE FUN!  Be bold, be bright, be yourself!  We have found that the most popular thing to add are personal photos and, of course, decals.

It is pretty easy to add photos.  In today’s electronic age most of your photos are stored in your cell phone but wouldn’t it be nice if each and every time you opened your school locker door, there was a cool, fun photo of your and your BFFs staring right back at you–?!

Just take some strong magnets (preferably the types that look like lady bugs, flowers and other cute things) and use those to anchor your photos onto the locker door or wall.  Better yet if you’re feeling a bit crafty, find some fun erasers or other baubles and then you hot glue those to some regular magnets to really personalize your school locker.

Here is a great YouTube tutorial:  CLICK HERE

Of course places like LockerLookz, (Magnetic Fridge Photo Frame) and have a variety of photo hanging options that will match about every taste you have.

As for decals (and wallpaper), here is a secret:  DON’T stick them to the locker.  Just keep the backing on them and attach with a strong piece of double sided tape.  This prevents you from being able to remove them at the end of the school year.

Now with the popularity of decals made specifically to accessorize your school locker, manufacturers are moving more and more towards magnetic backs and that won’t be permanent.  This is cool because if halfway through the school year you suddenly decide you’ve had enough of the bright canary yellow, you can easily change to a smooth blue in the time it takes to walk between classes.  🙂


5.  Now it’s time to REALLY get the bling on!  Find fun locker chandeliers that can be placed inside your locker, or figure out ways to add your little creative touch with cute lil’ drapes towards the top of your locker or whiteboards where you can add a daily thought or fav quote and remind yourself to smile.  You can make personalized frames from just about any normal frame.

Just grab that hot glue gun again and glue cute little plastic flowers, lady bugs, happy faces–whatever you want to decorate the frame with!  Using either a heavy-duty double stick tape, or magnets (which will stick anywhere on the locker’s metal walls and door) you now have a place for your BFF’s photo.

Other things you can use to accessorize your school locker can be a small dry erase ink board where you can jot down notes, change motivational quotes or reminders.  We’ve heard stories from some of our clients that say they don’t use the boards–the dry erase pens work DIRECTLY on the locker’s surface and clean up as if they never happened!

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No matter what you choose, find a way to accessorize your school locker so can you can give that great splash of your personality to it all school year long…

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