Spooktacular Ways to Use Lockers for Halloween

halloween“Jack-O’-Lantern Trio” by daryl_mitchell. CC BY-SA 2.0.

One of our favorite things to do is show people how lockers can be used in unconventional ways. You may not immediately think of a locker when it comes to Halloween…but we’ve come up with some ways that they can keep you safe from horrifying monsters–or maybe even help you create some creepy fun on Halloween night!

Lots of spooks come out at night in October. So whether you’re looking to hide from them–or maybe even join them–here are some ways lockers can come in handy:

  • Keep yourself safe from a zombie outbreak. We would recommend choosing our super heavy duty welded storage lockers for this purpose. They’re extra strong, durable and practically invincible, guaranteed to keep you safe from any undead creeps coming after you.
  • Hide from creepy ghosts and goblins. You’ll want plenty of space while you’re hiding out from any scary creatures. Choose our extra wide lockers so you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out and “relax” while you’re hiding out.
  • Keep your werewolves out of sight of the full moon. We would suggest choosing one of our rust resistant lockers to keep your lockers looking fresh and clean while dealing with all of that werewolf slobber.
  • Store ingredients for your witches’ brew. Any good witches’ brew is bound to include some ingredients that can be a little smelly. A multi-tiered ventilated box locker is a great option for keeping your ingredients separate (wouldn’t want your earthworms and frog eyes getting mixed up, now would we?) while letting the stinkier things get some air.
  • Help your bats get a good night’s sleep. Lockers are the perfect place for bats to sleep during the day. You’ll want a locker with plenty of hanging space for all of those bats to hang out, so make sure you choose one with a coat rod and lots of coat hooks or order extra ones HERE. And BONUS: lockers can be turned into coffins once the bats turn into vampires and need another place to sleep! Multi-functional even for your Halloween needs. 😉
  • Stash your extra mummy wrappings. Our mini lockers are a great place to store your extra mummy wrappings. You can simply fold them and store them on the locker bottom or hang them on a coat hook so they’re ready to go when you need a fresh set.

And for some more practical ideas… 😉

  • halloweenKeep your costumes nice and wrinkle-free. Your little ghouls and boys will love having a locker of their own, and our kids lockers come with coat hooks and shelves that are perfect for storing costumes year-round!
  • Set up a locker graveyard in your front yard. All you need to do is add some spiderwebs, dry ice and creepy lighting and you’ll have a showstopper!
  • Buy some orange and black lockers to add an industrial vibe to your Halloween décor. Not only are they the perfect accent, they have plenty of room for storing decorations, party supplies and more!
  • Make a set of haunted lockers for your Halloween display. Set up a scream that activates when a locker is opened. You could also hide inside of a locker and jump out and scare trick-or-treaters when they come up to your door! The possibilities are endless. 😉

There you have it. Lockers prove, yet again, that they can be used in so many ways other than just at schools and gyms. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help picking out the perfect locker for your needs, spooky or not. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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