Use Lockers to Store Skis, Sleds and All the Rest of Your Winter Gear

Winter’s almost over, which means it’s just about time to put your winter hobbies on hiatus. Storing skis, snowboards, sleds and all of the rest of your winter stuff can be tricky, but we have the perfect solution. Use lockers to store all of your winter gear!

Stash Winter Outerwear in Kids Lockers

Cold weather requires a lot of stuff. Heavy coats, gloves, boots, hats, and scarves can take up a lot of space and easily get lost or spread out throughout your house. Place a couple of kids lockers in your garage, mud room or entryway areas to organize all of that winter outerwear. 


A Home for All Your Winter Toys

Sleds, tubes and other bulky winter toys can be hard to store no matter what time of year it is. Put some stadium lockers in your garage for a convenient way to keep everything in the same place. The upper storage shelves also provide a great place to store hats, gloves, goggles, and snowball launchers.

Ski Lockers for the Win!

Hey ski bums–did you know we have lockers specifically to hold skis and snowboards? Our ski lockers have plenty of room for your skis or board, plus enough room to hang ski coats and heavy outerwear on interior hooks. They also feature partial-depth shelves that are great for storing gloves, hats, goggles, boots and bindings. Such a convenient option for storing your gear during the off-season!


Store Shovels and Ice Melt in One Convenient Place

When the snow’s coming down, you don’t want to spend hours searching for your shovel or ice melt. Store everything in a locker in your garage or mud room and save yourself the hassle! Plus there’s plenty of storage space for boots, gloves, and hats so you can keep yourself warm and dry while you’re out clearing off your driveway.

Life sure is a lot better when you can use lockers to store all of your winter gear. 😉 Need help finding the perfect ones for your winter stuff? Contact us today!

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