What Types of Lockers Are There?


Oh, lockers, how we love thee. What comes to mind when you think of them? The banged up metal kind you had in school? The stadium lockers you find in the locker rooms of professional athletes? The ventilated ones you store your gear at in the gym? In reality, the amount of types and styles and colors of lockers on the market is seemingly endless.

If you go to the Products tab on our website, we break down the lockers we sell by Category (School, Gym, Sports, Employee, Kids, Storage), Material (Metal, Plastic, Wood) and Manufacturer. We also have a whole separate page for the Specialty Lockers we sell (Cell Phone, Laptop, Coin-Operated, Uniforms/Clothing, Office, Stainless Steel and Police & Military, Hospital, Garage, Basket, Rust-Resistant, Electronic and Gun).

So how do you choose the type that will be right for you? It never hurts to ask—our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to offer advice and answer any questions you may have! Obviously, a lot of it will depend on what they will be used for…if you’re looking for something that will be good for children (whether at home or in a school setting), we’ll steer you toward our selection of Kids Lockers. Need some that will be good in a pool environment or an area that is exposed to lots of moisture? We’ll tell you about Plastic Lockers. Looking for a way to add functional storage in your garage? Check out our Garage Storage Solutions.

smallfryblogOur Mini Lockers make great nightstands and add lots of great storage in a kid’s room!   Photo via Small Fry blog

Another important thing to consider is what material will work best for you. Metal lockers (our biggest sellers) are incredibly durable, economical and secure. Plastic ones work best in areas with a high amount of humidity because they are water-resistant. They are also more resistant to scratches and dents and are quieter than metal lockers, so they may be a good choice for schools. Our wood offerings have a more refined, elegant look, making them perfect for spas, country clubs, fitness centers or anywhere else a little bit of sophistication is needed.

renewalbyandersonWe installed these gorgeous wood lockers for Renewal Anderson of Austin earlier this year. Their call center team uses them to store personal items during the workday.

There are seriously lockers for every purpose under the sun…

School lockers.

Storage lockers.

Employee lockers.

Anti-bacterial lockers.

Baseball, football, basketball, volleyball or golf lockers.

Police and military lockers.

Mini lockers.

Catch our drift? Take a look at our website to better familiarize yourself with the many different types and styles that are out there. And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. 🙂

Check out our selection of used lockers at BuyUsedLockers.com.

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