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How To Open A Jammed Locker Or Gym Locker On Your Own

Jammed locker 5

Dude. It’s okay! We are here to help you open your jammed locker!

Before we begin, remember that although the school locker is yours to use, it is on a “borrowed” basis. The locker is legally considered school property and belongs to the school district, so before you begin cranking on it, using your gym baseball bat, football helmet as a battering ram and handy pry bar or explosives, first try these simple steps;

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How To Paint And Repair A Dent In A School Locker, Military Locker, Gym Locker Or Any Other Metal Locker

From time to time we like to give tips on things relating to gym, school or sports lockers. This is an opportunity for our clients to use this blog as a resource and tutorial to help answer questions that they have once they have purchased our products. This blog post will address how to paint a locker, because now that you have it, one day it may be accidentally dinged or dented and require some touch ups or a full paint makeover.


Every gym, school, storage or metal locker can be made to look brand new.

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