Five Things To Remember When Ordering Or Buying A Locker

So you’re finally ready to order lockers for your facility.  But odds are you are NOT ready because you have not thought about everything you need to before ordering!

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So what did you forget?  Based upon our experience with ordering lockers, here are five things that people have forgotten about when making a locker order.  These are five things you need to think about that will save you valuable time and money…


“Size would be the most important thing to consider,” said Owner Dustin Jorgenson.  “So you have to determine what you’re going to be storing inside the locker or what you’re going to use them for, and then measure the usual items that would go into the locker and make sure you know what those are and if those things are going to fit into the locker.”

That may sound like an obvious question to ask yourself, yet it is a question most people really fail to think about until they are ordering and by then it’s nearly too late.


“It is really important to think it out because if you order the wrong size of locker it isn’t going to meet the needs of your clients, or fit the needs of your employees or whatever the purpose is the locker will be,” adds Jorgenson.  “You want the locker to be able to securely store all of the stuff that they need to, like football gear, a basketball, a backpack, full length jackets and maybe even bulky uniforms—that all needs to be considered, first.”

Once you have decided what needs to get inside the locker, you have just saved a lot of time and headaches and have clearly addressed the locker user’s needs.


All men may be created equal, but that is not the case for all lockers.  Depending on the locker’s specific applications, it may have to be built with a heavier gauge of steel to withstand the expected punishment it will receive.

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“The gauge of the metal would be another consideration,” advises Jorgenson.  “For instance if you’re talking about a locker room locker, that will need to be able to stand up to some abuse.  Or if the locker you’re putting into a rec center or gym isn’t going to be monitored heavily or checked on, you want that locker to be tough—tough enough to take a beating and not be bent or busted up.”

If you know your locker is going to be installed in a school, or a locker room, a gym or rowdy outdoors in an amusement or water park, then odds are you’re going to want something with a heavier gauge steel, or install a heavy duty plastic locker so it holds up.

“Usually in places like that clients will want to get the heavier duty athletic type locker which has a larger gauge of steel to stand up to those conditions,” said Jorgenson.  “It’s going to need to be a thicker metal, it’s going to have heavier sides, back and of course, the door will be heavier as well because that is the part that will be slammed or jostled more and there will be a lot of features that will make that locker sturdier and more rigid than a normal use locker.”

Again, that slight increase in price will equate to a much, much longer life of the locker.

“If you think your locker is going to need to be a heavy duty locker, then I would recommend paying the slight extra charge because it will last a lot longer.  That would be the primary reason into investing that money so you don’t have to worry about it holding up and having to replace it, because trust me; replacing lockers all the time is even more expensive,” said Jorgenson.


How many do I really need to order is another important question.  Have you taken the time to measure the space, call an expert like our sales team and really explored each and every option to maximizing that locker space?  Have you addressed growth and the possibility of locker damage  and replacement options?  These are all good scenarios to have pondered upon well before ordering your lockers.

“Another great thing to think about it how many are you going to need?  The quantity is important because you will need to figure out how many clients, guests and employees are going to need lockers and how often are they going to use them,” said Jorgenson.  “That will determine the size as well; whether it is double tier, triple tier or a box locker for small things like cell phones.  The next thing to think about is how many are going to be able to fit into the location which was set aside for the lockers.”

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Now remember it is a good idea to consider buying extra lockers because there are quite a few of our customers who will get extra lockers, especially large schools that will order a few extra lockers just in case something does happen to a locker.  Replacing lockers because of vandalism or sheer abuse are reasons why our satisfied clients do order a few more than they need.

“Well buying a few extra ones may sound like an up-sale, but it does make perfect sense,” counsels Jorgenson.  “Especially if you are ordering what we call a ‘production run’ of a locker; meaning it is a special run and to get the same lockers again, you can’t just go and get what is in stock, they have to make them specifically for you to match the ones you already have.”

These production run lockers can include things like a special color, special size or otehr special features that come with them and are not of the ‘drop ship’ types which don’t offer special accessories and colors.  Therefore it would be a good idea to order some extra ones to be able to replace lockers that get damaged in order to match them exactly.

“Production run lockers do cost more if you need a replacement,” said Jorgenson.  “Now if you have to ask for a production run to replace some, it is going to take time for them to do it and the cost will be fairly high in order to do it because they were custom made originally.  Because a lot of the costs for those features and style and colors will require that custom machinery is specially set up,  those special options and color costs on the initial order will be spread out along the entire order whereas if you just needed five replacements, it would cost a lot than if you had ordered extras when they were all produced.”

If you needed one additional production run locker because some kid kicked in or someone started a fire in a locker or whatever they did to ruin that locker, it could be very expensive to order just one or two similar lockers to replace the damaged one.  If you had ordered simple ‘drop ship’ lockers, then this is not an issue.  But with production run lockers that will cost more and take longer to make so that is why most clients order a few extra ones and kind of look at it like an insurance policy that they will have a few when one of the production runs may need replacement.


Get in touch with your inner girl here—remember the accessories!  Not only when it comes to getting what you need, but doing it ALL the first time around.

“I would probably say some of the accessory stuff is important to remember,” said Jorgenson.  “Look at all the other accessories you want to consider, like if you are buying lockers for a locker room odds are you will want to also buy benches for guests to change on.  Also thinking about the bases your lockers will need to sit on is another concern because ideally you want to set your lockers up on a curb or on some base. That means will you want to build a base or purchase a base from us with your locker order.”

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When it comes to accessories ask yourself if people will be hanging uniforms inside, because if so you’re going to need hooks in the lockers.  Would an extra shelf help your users?  What else could my end users find helpful–?

Also when it comes to style, think of such features like do you want slope tops?  For instance, that slope top option makes cleaning easier and gives a more finished look to your locker room.  That accessory and design feature also prevents users from staking heavy items on top of the lockers and helps protect the lockers from damage.

…odds are until reading this, you didn’t even know about that option or why it should be considered, did you?

That is why it is soooo important to think about accessories and speak with a professional about locker designs.


Not all lockers come with built-in locks.  This is another question where people just assume.

Make sure you decide ahead of time what kind of locks you’ll need; combination or padlocks, or decide if you want your employees, clients or end users to bring their personal locks.  Or if you’re looking to save money in the long term, you think about if you want a  key lock or an electronic lock—these are all questions you will need to have thought about before making that locker order.

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“Those decisions are made by you, for your clients, and will work best for your unique situation,” said Jorgenson.  “By thinking ahead of time before the order is made, you can figure out which type of locker lock will work best for your applications, and then you can also use that in your price negotiations as well.”


Does thinking ahead save money?  Oh absolutely!  And it also can make you think about things you hadn’t thought of previously.  It is best to consult with people like our sales staff who do nothing but specialize in lockers and that is something rare in this industry.  So remember that adage; “a stitch in time saves nine” when you go about ordering your lockers.

“The more they can involve us in the process in the beginning when they are thinking about what they’re going to do, the better off the result in the end.  We always ask the right questions so there is no stone unturned, and perhaps one of those is a question they perhaps haven’t thought about prior to giving us a call,” Jorgenson concludes.  “We’ll have them thinking about what they need to do to create a functional, secure locker storage area for their employees, or clients, or students or whatever their situation may be.”

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