The Ins and Outs of Locker Locks

locker locksLocker Doors” by Austin Kirk. CC BY 2.0.

So…you have the locker. Want to keep items stored inside safe and sound? Then don’t forget the locker locks!

When it comes to security, locks are the most important part of your lockers. But what kinds of locks do you need to buy for your locker—and where can you buy them from? The short answer: come to us! We keep a wide variety of different lock styles in stock. We know that with so many different options, it can be kind of tricky to figure out which kind would work best for your particular needs. Lucky for you, we are experts when it comes to both lockers AND locks and can help you choose the type of lock that will keep your patrons’ belongings safe and sound.

locker locksWe sell only the highest quality Master Lock products, from basic padlocks to keys and accessories. Any locks we have available for “Quick Ship” come with black dials, but you can add a little fun and customization to your locks by ordering colored dials for a small additional fee.

Keep reading for the details and features of each type of lock we sell!

Built-in Locker Locks

locker locksBuilt-in locks are one of the most popular types of locks we sell because they are durable, easy to use, reasonably priced and secure. We sell Master Lock styles in addition to ADA-compliant models, most of which are manufactured to fit many different styles of lockers (single-point latching lockers, box lockers and lift handle lockers). This type of locker lock features standard 3-digit dialing and includes five or more combination changes, which can be changed quickly and easily with just the push of a button.

Combination Padlocks

locker locksCombination padlocks are among our bestsellers when it comes to locker locks. Padlock hasps can easily be added to any locker if it doesn’t include one already, and then all you have to do is put a padlock on for a fast and easy way to secure your belongings. These feature anti-shim technology to prevent theft and are encased in hardened stainless steel. Black dials come standard on these, but if you want something a little more colorful we have a fun selection (including blue, gold, gray, green, orange and purple) for a small additional fee.

Additionally, keyed padlocks are a popular choice to go along with combination padlocks. These include two user keys and are a great option if you don’t want to have to memorize a combination.

Digital/Electronic Locks

locker locksAlthough a slightly less traditional choice, our large and varied selection of electronic locker locks are ready to be installed on any type of locker—including ones that you may already have in your facility. We have both keyless locks and locks with keypads available. These types of locks are a breeze to program, and once they’re set up they’re simple to use—all you need to do is scan your control card or ID badge (for keyless locks) or type in a 4-digit code (for locks with keypads), open the locker door and you’re good to go! Another great feature is that these can be linked to software, making them easy and convenient for administrative use. Codes can be reset as often as necessary, making these types of locks ideal for gyms, offices, rec centers and spas.

Coin Locker Locks

locker locksCoin-operated locks are perfect for locations that have a high turnover in locker usage (amusement parks, bowling alleys, gyms, public transportation facilities like airports and train stations, rec centers, etc.) and provide a great way to add a little extra revenue for your business. On top of being efficient and secure, they are extremely user-friendly—all your patrons have to do is insert a coin or token and the key for the lock comes out, and the locker can’t be opened again until the user returns the key. We have four different configurations to choose from: card-activated, coin collect, coin return and token operated. If you’re not quite sure which one is which and how they work, don’t hesitate to ask! Our sales staff can help you decide which type will work best for your needs.

ADA Locks

Our selection of ADA locks are extremely user-friendly and don’t require patrons to twist their wrists or use more than 5 lbs. of force to open (as required in Section 4.27.4 of ADA’s Accessibility Guidelines for Building and Facilities). Most of our locks are ADA-compliant, but just to be on the safe side make sure to ask our sales representatives when placing your final order.

Keys and Accessories

locker locksFrom time to time, your locker locks may need some maintenance or you might need an accessory to go along with them. For example, what if you lose the master key to the cash box that holds coins for use in your coin locker locks? Rather than having to buy a whole new lock, you can purchase cash box keys separately—saving you time and money. Our keys and accessories will help guarantee that your locks work well for years to come.

So there you have it–there’s a basic overview of the different types of locks we have available. We recommend checking individual descriptions or asking one of our sales representatives before placing your final order to make sure the locks you’re planning on purchasing will work for your particular needs. You can also check out our Locker and Lock Compatibility Guide: Lock Compatibility Infographic V2. And as always, if you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact us!

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