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Laptop & Cell Phone Lockers

Cell phones, tablets, and laptops have become so much more than communication devices, they’re personal assistants that can help you schedule, record, document, and manage just about every aspect of your life from finances to what you’re going to have for dinner, from being your alarm clock to capturing that hilarious thing your dog does. An incredible amount of power that's portable and easy to access on the go, wherever you are.  There are some places, however, where these informational powerhouses don’t belong, and for those places we have our cell phone lockers, tablet lockers, and laptop lockers.

Featuring a variety of sizes, styles, configurations, lock options, and more, we invite you to browse our selection below, organized according to device. To give you an idea as to the quality of our offerings, we made a short video detailing our cell phone lockers.


cell phone lockersCell phones have become part of our normal, everyday lives, yet there are times when it’s necessary to put them down to prevent damage or security issues. The solution couldn’t be more simple or easy to implement: a complete line of cell phone lockers that provide safe and secure storage not only for mobile phones, but other small, personal items as well. Our cell phone storage lockers are perfect for use in fitness and recreation centers where patrons can store their iPods, earphones, jewelry, and keys away while they go for a swim, or take a shower after a long workout. Schools can help keep distractions to a minimum by having students lock up their phones during tests or classes. Employers can help keep personnel on task by keeping disruptions few and far between during the shift. Keeping people’s valuables safe makes them happy and keeps you safe from any allegations of liability. It’s a win-win situation! These mini lockers also provide a convenient and secure place to safely store small valuables not permitted in many federal buildings including court houses, correctional facilities, military bases and hospitals. You can never be too careful when it comes to safety and security in our increasingly digital world. That’s why we’ve got you covered!

Perhaps you need a place to store larger personal electronic devices. Each tablet locker is equipped with compartments big enough to accommodate iPads, Kindles, Chromebooks and other tablets and netbooks. These days it seems everywhere you go, from the gym to the library, the classroom to the break room, everyone is using an iPad or similar tablet to read, listen to music, shop online, or browse the web looking for that perfect tutorial. It’s an all too common scenario where things left unattended for just a second walk away, never to be seen again. However, with our tablet storage lockers, this can be stopped! Though compact, these lockers provide a convenient, high security, lockable storage solution for employees, customers, patrons and students to keep all their smaller personal effects safely locked up.

Laptop Charging Locker Laptops have made it so we can work on their projects, wherever we may be, whether it’s the office, at home on the couch, up in the air on a plan, or across the globe. They're small, portable and so easy to tote around with you wherever you go. But their size and convenience also puts them at risk for theft. Because we live in a digital world, some of our most valuable assets are stored inside computers, so it's imperative to keep them safe. We have a whole line of laptop lockers that are durable, secure and exactly what you need to keep yours locked up tight and safe from theft. We even offer lockers with electrical outlets to keep your electronics charged up while being stored! Ideal for use in the office, classroom, or at home, we have a wide variety to fit your needs; single laptop lockers, laptop towers and carts, charging, wall-mount, desk-mount and more.

Though small in size our cell phone, tablet, and laptop lockers provide the same security and high security locking functions you’ve come to expect from us thanks to our standard lockers. We keep a variety of styles and configurations in stock to give you the best value on exactly what you need.

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