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Gym Lockers

Sports and fitness require an incredible amount of focus. Unfortunately, gyms and locker rooms are common targets for thieves, and you can’t concentrate on your goals if you’re worried about your wallet and keys going missing. Luckily, we’re looking out for your belongings with our secure gym lockers. With a selection of standard and heavy duty ventilated styles along with athletic sports lockers, we have something for every facility. We also carry a variety of accessories: bleachers, locks, benches, and locker accessories. 

Ventilated Gym Lockers

Heavy Duty Athletic Gym Lockers


No matter the size of your facility, whether you serve a small client base or an entire school of athletes, we have the best gym lockers for sale. We start with our ventilated style which features 16-gauge steel for the frames and doors and 24-gauge steel for the sides, tops, bottoms and shelf. Each door has rectangular perforations to provide airflow throughout the unit. Available in single tier, double tier, and box locker styles. Offered in beige and gray, these are a part of our quick ship program, meaning they leave our facilities in under 1 week. Best suited for moderate day to day use, fitness facilities, hotels, apartments, theme parks, and rec centers will benefit from using these in their facilities.

If you are looking for something heavy duty, or with more ventilation, then consider our athletic gym lockers. These showcase our heavier gauge steel all around. The body and frame are crafted from 16-gauge steel with diamond perforated sides to increase ventilation. Each locker door is then crafted from 14-gauge steel to further increase the toughness and durability. Diamond perforations are also on each door to create the maximum amount of aeration possible. The lockers were created specifically for environments with heavier traffic, so warehouses, school locker rooms, training centers and more all benefit from going with the heavier gauge steel. Available in single tier, double tier, or box styles in beige or gray, these have the advantage of being in our quick ship collection.

Though our ventilated and athletic lockers fill the needs of many organizations out there, we know that there are facilities and areas that require something different. If this is the case for your locker room or gym, then we have the solution for you as well. By offering custom gym lockers, you are guaranteed to not only get the lockers you need, but the lockers you want as well. Rather than be restricted to certain door styles, latch options, and colors, the sky is the limit. With videos and installation guides to help you each step of the way, your ideal lockers are just a few clicks or a phone call away.

While lockers are among the most important things in any gym, don’t forget about locks, gym bleachers, gym locker benches, and accessories. A locker truly is nothing without a secure lock to keep it closed, while benches help to provide the perfect seat while people change clothes. We have everything to help complete your gym and locker room, with only the best up for sale. Since there are so many various lockers available, we know that it can be a bit of an overload trying to find the perfect one for your needs, which is why we invite you to give us a call or email and our knowledgeable staff can help you find the best lockers for your needs within your budget.

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