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Locker Locks

Locks are the most essential and critical part of your new set of lockers.  We sell plenty of locks for lockers and offer every style imaginable! It surprises some of our customers exactly how many options they have and we have the widest selection possible for any school administrator, custodian or facility manager to choose from.

Without a doubt the built-in combination locks and the combination padlocks are the most popular types of locks that we sell.  Easy to use, reasonably priced and secure, these come with the standard 3-digit dialing and five or more combination changes.  A majority of these types of combination locks have master key lock control features for any administrative use your organization requires.  The locks we have in our convenient ‘quick ship’ line come with black dials only but if you really want to add some flair, you can purchase colored dials for an additional low fee.  We are also proud to offer MasterLocks as well!

The next option after combination padlocks are keyed padlocks.  These come with two user keys and don’t require the user to remember a combination.  This option is available in a flat key or grooved key choice.  A master key control feature is also available as well.  We also carry Keyed built-in locks in flat key or grooved key models.

The new style of digital lock is becoming more popular and affordable.  These can also be linked to a software manager for administrators to use and help with lost combinations and resetting the codes each year, or whenever you wish.  This kind of feature is especially useful for gyms, spas, rec centers, offices and more.  Having proven their security for decades, the electronic lock and digital combination lock designs are just as sturdy, secure and proven as the other style of key locks you will find.

For those looking to increase revenue, our popular line of coin operated locks can help your organization produce that desired revenue and you have four choices to choose from; coin collect, token operated, coin return and card lock activated locks.  These kinds of locks are ideally suited for airports, train stations, bowling alleys, and amusent parks.  Customers can teporarily store their belongings without having to worry about them being stolen while you generate a bit of extra revenue.

Most of our locks are ADA compliant; however please remember to ask when making your final order.  Our built-in electronic digital ADA compliant lock is ADA compliant and has recently been upgraded to serve all ADA needs by touching a button key to the sensor, thereby the lock opens.

If you are looking for any style of lock, we invite you to select from the wide inventory we keep in stock for fast shipment out to you.  And of course feel free to call one of our experienced reps that can help you decide upon which lock and types of combination locks work best for your clients, students and end users.

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