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Coin Collect Locker Locks for Wood or Plastic Lockers Front

Coin Collect Locker Locks for Wood or Plastic Lockers  

SKU: ( SOM-800-WPLC)
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Coin collect locker locks for wood or plastic lockers. Usually ship within 1 to 2 weeks.

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You can add only four products to the comparison list.


Our coin collect locker locks for wood or plastic lockers are ideal for pools, amusement parks, gyms, museums, hospitals and other locations with temporary or rotating users. When visitors need to store items for brief periods of time, these locks offer security and easy rotation of users. Simply insert a coin or token, and the key comes out. The locker can't be opened again until the user returns the key. With coin collect locks, the cash box will collect the user's deposit. The revenue generated by these locks can pay for the locks over time. Coin operated locks install the same way that built-in locks do. They can be purchased with new lockers or retrofitted for existing lockers. They can be used with lockers with pull-out handles, friction catch box lockers and recessed handles. In the event of a lost key, the cylinder can be replaced without the need to replace the entire lock. Owners always maintain master key control over entire system. Each order of coin locker locks requires one master key and one cash box key (only for coin collect option). Order these items separately. For coin collect locks, each lock requires a cash box that also needs to be ordered separately.

Key Features

  • User Keys: Each lock ships with a user key inserted into the cylinder
  • Coin Release Button: Press the coin release button before locking to return the deposit to the coin return catch
  • Deadbolt Operation: Set at the factory for deadbolt or springbolt operation; operation can be changed by disassembling the lock and reversing the bolt
  • Core: Core for coin operated locks comes with key

Additional Options
  • Master Key: Order master key separately; master keys give complete access to every lock in the system
  • Tokens: Coin locker locks can accept special tokens instead of coins; use tokens instead of coins to charge a higher price for locker rental
  • Cash Box: Cash boxes collect coins or tokens in coin collect locks (CASH BOXES MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY)
  • Cash Box Key: Order separately; a cash box key can open and empty cash boxes for coin collect locks

Easy ordering online or call 1-877-952-0151 to order today!!
Overall Size 4-5/16” wide x 6-7/8” deep x 2-1/4” high
Note *In the interest of safety, highly recommends floor and/or wall anchoring lockers to prevent tipping or injury.

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