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Basket Lockers

Giving the user a sense of nostalgia, basket lockers give a nod to the past with a classic and simplistic style while remaining versatile and functional. Offering a truly unique and fun design, these styles are able to reflect pure efficiency while looking their best. These steel frames are the perfect pick for giving off a subtle vintage vibe while also storing small tools, kitchen goods, clothing, and even linens in the durable self-containing baskets. Remaining durable, these locker racks can make any setting pop and can add a little more flair to any environment that you choose to use them in.

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  1. Basket Lockers Rack 7 High

    Basket Lockers Rack 7 High  (21) Baskets, each 12" W x 13" D x 8" H (Sku:BSK-12138-21LR)


    Available in 21 colors; ships within 4 to 6 weeks unassembled.

  2. Basket Lockers Rack 8 High

    Basket Lockers Rack 8 High (24) Baskets, each 12" W x 13" D x 8" H (Sku:BSK-12138-24LR)


    Available in 21 colors; ships within 2 to 3 weeks unassembled.

  3. Basket Lockers 7 High 4-Wide

    Basket Lockers 7 High 4-Wide 9" W x 13" D x 8" H (Sku:BSK-9138-28LR)


    Available in 21 colors; ships within 4 to 5 weeks unassembled.

  4. Basket Lockers 8 High 4-Wide

    Basket Lockers 8 High 4-Wide 9" W x 13" D x 8" H (Sku:BSK-9138-32LR)


    Available in 21 colors; ships within 4 to 5 weeks unassembled.

  5. All-Welded Basket 9" Wide

    All-Welded Basket 9" Wide 9" W x 13" D x 8" (Sku:K-G-SB-1)


    Ships within 8 weeks assembled.

  6. All-Welded Basket 12" Wide

    All-Welded Basket 12" Wide 12" W x 13" D x 8" H (Sku:K-G-SB-7)


    Ships within 8 weeks assembled.

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You can add only four products to the comparison list.

Retro and Tough Basket Lockers

The idea of shelves with bins was born decades ago, and once it evolved into a locker form, it proved itself to be a utilitarian and dependable option. Over time, the role of these storage units integrated themselves into gyms across America. They proved themselves to be a much more practical and easy to access storage solution than traditional metal lockers. To increase storage and hold smaller items, baskets and bins are housed within the sturdy metal frames of these racks. Each basket offers an ample amount of storage space and even promotes air circulation through the ventilated basket fronts, backs, sides and bottoms. These compartments can even be secured from theft and intrusion!

These have been called “wire baskets” and “bin lockers” by those who remember using these units at their local city pools while growing up. This uniquely stark, yet beautifully clean design style, cleverly mixes a bit of a retro-look and appeal with overall ease of use and functionality that is important for end users.

Basket Racks (28)Our various styles of basket lockers are suited for storing wet items that need to dry without mildewing, like clothing, gyms clothes, and swimsuits. These cubicles are also great for holding tools, spray paint, and keeping extension cords tangle-free in your garage. These also keep parts perfectly organized. If you need a locker that can offer the bonus of quick visual inspection while holding other odds and ends, these are the models that you should look at.

These units have been manufactured using tough steel, and depending on the locker that you choose, wire and polypropylene for the construction of the baskets. Built to promote reliable security, the open rack style has been fabricated to withstand any and all accidental knocks and dings. These tough units will last comfortably in any setting for years all while holding your possessions securely.

In order to prevent thieves from removing the locker baskets from the rear of the unit, backstops have been designed into the systems. Of course, as with any of our lockers, aluminum number plates and padlock hasp have been furnished with each basket to help people quickly identify the bins that they’ve stashed their stuff in so that they can retrieve their belongings quickly without unnecessary hassle.

With a plethora of configuration choices available, you are sure to be able to find the best fit for your needs here along with the multitude of colors that we carry. The color options that are provided ensure that you will be able to find the best fit for the existing design of whatever room you’re going to be using these basket racks in. For your convenience, they will be shipped within a few weeks so that you can start using them and begin the process of getting your belongings in order and organized.

These are perhaps the coolest type of compartment that we sell here on The defining feature of these is the exposed metal. This adds visible soul and gives character that other lockers just don’t have! These basket lockers have a slightly industrial look which can be the perfect finishing touch in so many spaces! The feel of these lockers gives users a nostalgic blast from the past and allows anyone to take a step through the decades, while still retaining a level of classic design and style.

Built and outfitted to be the perfect storage solution that you’ve been missing, we offer our line in many different styles, sizes, and colors; all you need to do is pick up the phone or click the button to order! You can always contact us if you have any questions. Our representatives are happy to help, and can also assist you with finding the best basket lockers for your storage and facility needs.

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