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Wood Lockers

There are times when you need something more than a standard metal locker; something that is refined, with a natural look that lends a sophisticated touch, and also offers superior durability to your country club, ski lodge, spa, locker room, fitness center, or school. If you need something classic, timeless, and strong, our wood lockers are the perfect solution for you. Browse our selection below to discover just how we can help you create the best locker area for your facility’s needs.

Timeless and Sturdy Wood Lockers

Everywhere we go, we form an opinion of our surroundings. What's the ambience like? Are the furnishings sturdy, or are they mediocre at best? You can avoid the dreaded mediocrity while providing a locker that will enhance your locker user’s experience and make it better. For high end fitness centers, locker rooms, changing rooms, and country clubs,Wood Lockers we recommend our line of solid wooden lockers for sale, crafted from your choice of red oak, white oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, cedar, elm, ash, or birch. If you think that they need a decorative touch, add our crown molding. These options are able to transform a room, and are the perfect finishing touch, without going overboard.

For schools, our plastic laminate wood styles are a more cost effective option that still offers a high quality, natural wood look. For classrooms, club rooms, and offices, these are the ideal storage for books, games, supplies, smocks, and more. Having the advantage of being fire and moisture resistant, these are great additions to any school or office environment.Wood Locker Room Benches If someone accidentally spills something, it’s no problem! Plastic laminate is low maintenance and allows for easy clean up with a rag and some mild soap.

Another valuable offering we have for schools, offices, courthouses, and other private buildings are our wood cell phone lockers. We all know what a distraction phones, iPods, and recording devices can be, and sometimes they can even be dangerous. Recording private proceedings, tweeting a photo of a high security area, and texting test answers all defeat the purpose of privacy. Having people check their mobile devices into a securely locked unit helps prevent trouble before it has the slightest chance of starting.

For the athletes and coaches, we carry durable wood sports lockers as well as plastic laminate options. Help cultivate the winning spirit in your team’s locker room with any of our amazing compartments, sure to keep sports gear and equipment safe. Security lock boxes secure small valuables such as keys, phones, and wallets, while there is plenty of open storage for shoes, cleats, clothes, and uniforms.Wood Lockers Most styles come equipped with either coat rods or hooks to help keep clothing and equipment neat and organized. We can also provide you with customized options which can be tailored to fit your needs.

Don’t forget to take a look at our wooden locker room benches. Benches provide that perfect place to sit down, tie your shoes, or relax (if only for a minute or two). Their maintenance-free convenience and dependability is due to the fact that they are crafted from high quality materials. We carry benches that can be floor mounted for maximum dependability, free standing benches that are easy to move around, as well as ADA benches and specialty styles to ensure customer satisfaction.

So take a moment and look at your facility's environment, who will be using it? What's the intended purpose? If you're not quite sure what you need or just have some questions you need answers to, contact our helpful and friendly representatives. With years of experience, we can help you decide which locker configuration will be best for your facility. We can even draw up a customized quote to get you the best design possible for your needs. Remember that nothing dresses up a facility more than the luxurious look and feel of wood grain, so call us today and find out how affordable the choices that we have can be!

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