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Wood Lockers

We know that every locker we offer doesn’t fit every occasion. Take for instance a place like the symphony, country club or fancy sporting association where even our best and finest metal lockers just doesn’t quite fit with the décor or sophistication of that particular organization or clientele.

Take for instance if you visited a fine, upscale ski resort and rented a seasonal locker for the entire season. You wouldn’t want it to be made of sheet metal or plastic, would you?  Of course not. You would expect it to be made of some of the finest wood locker material that money could buy and that it would only enhance your guest’s experience and not distract from it.

Wood lockers add beauty and sophistication that can't be matched by any other locker material. There is something about running your hands across the smooth, varnished exterior of deep wood grains. Your desire to have that in your facility drives us to offer a fantastic line of fine solid wood lockers, laminate lockers and even custom wood lockers. Beautifully handcrafted and built by skilled craftsmen with great attention to detail to even the most discerning eye, our durable and attractive wood lockers are made to last a lifetime.

We have sold various models and designs of our wood lockers and custom lockers across the United States, where they enhance the overall beauty of lodges, country clubs, shooting clubs, ski resorts and other fine mountain hotels. Let’s face it. When it comes to enriching your guest’s experience, nothing can go as far to make an impression as tasteful, well-crafted, rich and elegant wood lockers.

Based upon your organization’s budget, we can create wood laminate lockers, wood veneer lockers, and even a line of plastic laminate lockers that surprise and impress most people. We take great pride in offering superior craftsmanship, top quality materials and an unlimited variety of wood finishes and laminates to accommodate any decorating style that your upscale facility requires.

So spend a moment, relax and take in a deep breath and look at where you facility is located. Take a look at your guests, and ask yourself; “Would the guests I serve appreciate something more when it comes to lockers than just the usual, standard fare?” If so, we invite you to contact our helpful and friendly sales representative and have them show you our line of beautiful wood lockers. Remember that nothing dresses up a facility more than the luxurious look and feel of wood lockers, so act today and truly find out how affordable the choices we have in wood lockers for sale can be!

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