Lockers Can Provide An ‘Extreme Makeover’ In Your Home Too!

A few years ago the popular television series ‘Extreme Makeover Home Edition’ did a show involving the Jordan Family in Alabama.  It was a cool show and on this, the 5th anniversary of the show’s airing, we thought we’d show off our little contribution to the home renovation that was completed.

EMO logo Locker

Basically by watching this episode you can get the idea of why lockers can be used just about anywhere you can dream of–In a mud room, a kid’s themed room and even for holding tools and other odds-n-ends that somehow gravitate towards the garage or other far flung reaches of your home and basement.

Now we’ve donated lockers for these kind of DIY TV projects and so we originally thought that our lockers would be going to be storing things.  Ours however on this show had a much different purpose in mind!  Just wait until you see what they did with them!

Here is the back story to the episode:  Parents Monica and Brady Jordan suffered not just the devastating loss of one child, but a second one as well: Their daughter was shot and killed by her boyfriend, and more recently, their son was killed by a drunk driver and they were raising their three grandchildren, and also have made their home a safe place to hang out for over 100 youngsters. Additionally, both Monica and Brady are strong advocates for M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

So as we stated earlier, was approached by the ABC show’s producers and were asked for a donation regarding some lockers.  We gladly wanted to help and donated some used lockers to the show, where the Extreme Makeover crew took them apart and made them into really cool decorative ornaments for this boy’s basketball and sports themed room.

When we watched the show, we became really interested when we saw the crews begin to disassemble the lockers…

But the end result was something we couldn’t have anticipated!  They ended up using the lockers as ‘art’ and decor–not to store anything.  🙂  This caught us off guard for sure!

Extreme Makeover locker

This was actually one idea for a used locker that we had never before thought up (and believe me, we think of many!) and quite possibly would’ve never dreamed up unless we had seen the Extreme Makeover’s imagination at work.


You can see the entire episode and find the finished product on the YouTube video HERE.

So this is yet another use for a locker.  Truly an innovative and really cool use for a locker–new locker or used locker.  Looking at a gym locker in this manner just may open up a world of possibilities your imagination has in store for you and your new DIY project!


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