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Industrial Storage Cabinets

If you’ve encountered a job that requires more shelving space and options than a conventional locker can handle; you’re in the right spot! If single tier lockers just aren’t offering enough space for your needs, and the paperwork that you have to lock away is too bulky, these will be the perfect solution for you. Most of the time, office equipment is bulky and needs to be stored on heavy-duty shelves. These industrial cabinets have the shelf construction to support almost anything that you need to store without wilting under the weight. Whether you have to store books, office supplies, or chemicals, we offer numerous configurations, from storage cabinets to filing compartments so that you can find the best unit for your needs!

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Durable Storage Cabinets Perfect for Any Job

See-Through and Counter Height Storage CabinetsThese units are tough and made of industrial grade materials and steel. They’re meant for businesses and clients who are looking for options that are capable of holding much more than typical locker units, while still providing the same security that our lockers are known for.

We take pride in offering you one of the largest, most diverse selections of industrial cabinet lines available anywhere. We offer metal storage cabinets, computer storage cabinets, linen storage cabinets and even discount cabinets. These will meet any packing issues that you can throw at them! They’re also built to last a lifetime. You will find designs that keep flammable products secure or keep your floor space clear by using wall mounted storage cabinet options. You’ll find the right one for your needs here!

Metal storage cabinets have a modern design and are available in multiple colors. These are perfect for storing work materials and heavy tools securely. Each of the compartments in this category have heavy-duty shelves, most of which can be adjusted.

Combination Storage Cabinets

Computer storage cabinets keep your laptop and desktop computer secure. Laptop locker carts, tablet charging locker carts, and chargeable laptop towers are made for schools. They allow you to charge your electronics while keeping them locked away until students need to check them out for assignments. Our presentation carts are a perfect fit for elementary assemblies or large college classes. You can throw your laptop next to a projector and be ready to roll! Do you work in an AV department or IT office? These cabinets will store your laptops, phones, and music players securely, especially where managing your company’s inventory is concerned. If you need to keep a full monitor safe, yet portable, try the mobile computer storage cabinet. It’s available in twelve colors and keeps your desktop set-up safe.

Flammable storage cabinets keep you safe from combustible materials all while meeting NFPA Code 30, OSHA standards, and being Factory Mutual Approved. They’re great additions to businesses, warehouses, and schools because they help to reduce the risk of fires, while keeping all of your combustible paints, inks, and fuels in one safely labeled spot.Cylinder Storage Cabinets These are available in bright colors, making sure to draw the attention of emergency responders if the unthinkable happens and a fire does spark somewhere near them.

If a more traditionally designed cabinet isn’t quiet what you’ve been searching for, we offer specialty cabinets! This category include see-through cabinets, pesticide units, and cylinder storage cabinets. See-Through compartments are great for facilities that need to take quick visual inspection of the cabinet’s contents. They also help to prevent prohibited activity. Pesticide lockers are available in different gallon sizes and also meet NFPA Code 30, OSHA standards, and are Factory Mutual Approved. Cylinder storage cabinets are fabricated from 8-gauge galvanized welded wire. They help protect propane or other containers from accidental mishaps. These meet unique needs that more traditional units aren’t able to.

These compartments are used in so many different applications such as offices, repair shops, schools, warehouses, and just about any other facility where you need to provide large capacity and secure storage. Since our selection is so extensive, you may require a bit of assistance when you’re picking a cabinet for your facility. If you’re wondering which one is best for you, you can contact us and our pros will guide you right to the storage cabinet that will be a great fit for you!

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