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Military Lockers

The military is known for organization and order, and what better way to keep gear organized than military lockers? No matter where you’re stationed, at home or abroad, military members always need a space that is their own where they can keep gear organized and ready to go. In addition to organization, durability should be just as high a priority, which is why we design our lockers for the army and other branches of service to last for years of use. Select one of our TA-50 Lockers to store government issued gear and equipment, or choose from one of our army trunks to secure personal effects and belongings while saving both floor and bunk space.

Military LockerAny military branch knows the importance of order and security. You can’t keep a nation safe from harm without strict organization and procedures in place. One of the keys to defense is to always be ready, and you can’t be ready until you have all of your tools and equipment and know where they are. It would be lunacy to go into combat, or even training on base, without having all of your gear at your disposal. You just never know what you might be faced with out there, so it’s best to always be prepared. When it’s not being used, you still need to know exactly where it is and that it will be ready to go when you are.

As such, it is of the utmost importance for personnel to keep their TA-50 gear safe and secure. The military issues vests, helmets, ropes, gloves, bags, gas masks and more to each soldier, and you can bet that they want every piece back in good condition. If equipment isn’t returned, service members may be expected to reimburse their branch of service for lost or stolen items. According to army guidelines, TA-50 should never be kept in space that is shared with others; each soldier should have their own dedicated, securable cabinet or locker to minimize damage and theft.

GSA Contract Provider

To keep that Table of Allowances 50 gear secure and ready to go, store equipment in one of our specially designed TA-50 lockers, which are also available under GSA contract. Select from a pre-configured style, which can ship out in as little as a few days if you need them in fast, or see the various options we have available which typically have a longer lead time. We offer both all welded and not welded lockers in up to 21 colors, several standard sizes, and more.

If you need something different than the standard, pre-configured options, we can also do custom TA-50 lockers for any military base, barracks, or camp. From custom sizes to colors, from doors and latches to interior hooks and shelving, we can design the best locker for users to keep every piece of equipment in its designated spot. We know that every facility will have certain requirements that need to be met, which is why we will work with you to ensure that you get the ideal locker for your needs.

Army Gear in Military Locker

We also have a wide selection of footlockers for military personnel to store equipment or personal belongings such as books, letters, clothes, care packages, and more. These are particularly useful in that they can be stored at the foot of the bed or under a bunk to conserve space and keep your area looking clean and tidy. Their size also makes them to play dual roles as an extra seat when needed for card games or discussions. Best of all, they have a hasp for a lock to keep your gear safe from friends or bunk mates looking to “borrow” some of your possessions, which may or may not be returned.

Our military storage trunks come in a range of sizes and styles, with something for everyone. Some styles have several options to customize your footlocker to your own needs. Select from up to 10 colors, including a digital camo design, as well as an interior tray to keep belongings more organized, wheels to travel from place to place more easily, or personalized name plates to provide a professional finishing touch. For those who want something easy and pre-assembled, we also carry styles where all you need to do is click “Add to Cart”. Simple and easy!

Outfit your facility with the best, choosing from one of our quick ship options that ship out in as little one day or customize your lockers which have a longer lead time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our highly knowledgeable representatives here or if you have any questions relating to our GSA contracts, click here.

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