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Football games, swim meets, dance recitals, tennis matches – what do all these have in common?  Cheering fans!  And we have the perfect aluminum bleachers for you to provide convenient seating for all those fans at any indoor or outdoor venue.  Our bleachers are made from anodized aluminum which is sturdy yet light weight, is easy to clean and maintain, and will not rust or corrode even in humid conditions or harsh climates.  Available for purchase in a wide variety of sizes, these are perfect to provide unrestricted viewing for use at:

Schools - Parks - Sports Fields - Gymnasiums - Dance Studios - Tennis Courts - Swimming Pools - Rec Centers - And More!

Indoor and Outdoor Bleachers with Plenty of Options!

Aluminum Bleachers

It’s important to provide your guests with a safe place to watch sporting events, recitals and performances.  We offer aluminum bleachers for sale with as few as 2 rows on up to as many as 15 rows along with a variety of options that allow you to create the seating system to best meet your needs.  Unless otherwise specified, bleachers have 10" wide seat planks, with a 17" front row seat height, 8" rise and 24" tread.  Low rise bleachers are also available with a 12" front row seat height, 6" rise and 24" tread, when height restrictions prevent the use of standard sized bleachers.  These are ideal for use in elementary schools, dance and gymnastic studios, and community centers where seating is required for children, and may also meet ADA specifications.  Please check your local codes for ADA requirements.

Mobile Tip and Roll BleachersPortable bleachers are a great economical choice as you can use one set of bleachers to move from the gymnasium to the choir room to the ball field as your needs change.  We offer the tip and roll option which allows you to simply tip the bleacher unit up on its side and roll it around to the location you choose.  This type of bleacher is also stored easily on its side out of the way in a small amount of space when not in use.  For larger portable bleachers that are 5 rows and higher, and will be used outdoors at football, soccer or baseball games, you may want to order towable bleachers with the optional tow kit.  This enables you to attach the bleachers to a truck or maintenance vehicle and move them around from field to field.  If your bleachers will be permanently mounted outdoors, we highly recommend you order bleachers with the mud sills option.  Mud sills are 2” x 6” pressurized wood planks, also known as “sleepers”, which prevent bleachers from sinking in soft surfaces such as grass or soil, thus minimizing maintenance. 

Bleachers with AislesFor larger groups of spectators, you may consider bleachers with aisles and handrails.  As guests move in and out of their seats to buy concessions or during halftime breaks, bleachers with aisles have a more efficient traffic flow and allow for greater safety and convenience for your guests.  You may prefer our economical standard bleachers without aisles as they are available for quick ship, which means your bleachers are shipped out within a week.

All of our bleachers with eight rows and higher come equipped with your choice of either a chain link or aluminum picket guardrail system.  This ensures compliance with IBC, ICC, and UBC industry standards, and provides superior safety for your patrons.  As codes and specifications vary from region to region and may change over time, please be sure to check with your local codes to verify compliance in your area.

If you have any questions or custom needs, please contact us; our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are here to help you purchase the best bleachers for your facility at the best price possible!

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