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Locker Locks

Locker locks are an essential accessory and critical purchase to go along with your lockers. They are the secure barrier between your belongings and the outside world which keep your possessions safe in any environment. We offer every different type of locks for lockers imaginable! We are proud to offer quality Master Lock and Zephyr Lock products and a few others. From basic padlocks, combination locks, key locks, electronic locks and accessories, you’ll find everything you need here.

Versatile Built-In, Coin Operated, Electronic, and Combination Locks

Without a doubt, built-in locks and combination padlocks are the most popular options for securing your belongings. They are easy to use, reasonably priced, and most importantly, secure. These lock styles come with standard 3-digit dialing and five or more combination changes. A majority of these types of combination locks have master key lock control features. This allows for easy and convenient administrative use. Built-in locks can have their combinations easily changed by pressing a button, while combination padlocks are made with anti-shim technology to prevent theft. Built-In LocksThe locks that we have available in our ‘quick ship’ line come with black dials only, but if you’d like to add a little bit of flair, you can purchase colored dials for a low additional fee.

An option that goes along with combination padlocks are keyed padlocks. These are shipped with two user keys and offer the easy feature of not having to remember a user combo. This option is available in a flat or grooved key choice. A control feature in the form of a master key is also available in these locks. We also carry keyed built-in locks, which are also available in a flat or grooved key model.

The digital lock, or electronic locker lock, has becoming a more popular and affordable option through the last decade. These versatile locks can be linked to software, making them a breeze for administrators to manage. They use an electronic card key, which is an excellent feature for easy access to your belongings. Helping to prevent lost combinations, the codes for these units can be reset each year, or whenever you need. PadlocksThese kinds of features are especially useful for gyms, spas, recreation centers, and offices. Having proven their security and usefulness over the years, electronic locks and digital combination lock designs are just as sturdy and secure as other, more traditional, key lock styles that you will find on other sections of our site.

For those looking for a revenue boost, our line of coin operated locks may be the ideal fit for you! They have been a popular option for the last few years and can help your organization produce another source of income, while you put in minimal effort. You can choose from four different configurations: coin collect, token operated, coin return, and card lock activated locks. These kinds of locks are a perfect match and storage solution for airports, train stations, bowling alleys, and amusement parks. Customers can temporarily stash their coats and bags without having to worry about them being stolen, while your facility can generate a bit of extra cash.

Our ADA locks are a great and user-friendly choice. To open them, you aren’t required to twist your wrist or use more than 5 lbs. of force (as required in section 4.27.4 of the ADA's Accessibility Guidelines for Building and Facilities). Most of our locks are ADA compliant; however, please always remember to make sure by asking our helpful reps when you are placing your final order.

If you are looking for a particular style of lock, we can help! Do you have questions about which lock might be the best fit for your lockers? Give us a call. We keep a wide inventory in stock and ready for fast shipment to you. Feel free to contact our representatives. They have the experience and knowledge to help you select the type of lock that will work best for your clients, students, and end users.

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