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Evidence Lockers

Having an unbroken chain of evidence is extremely important while researching a case. Evidence Lockers can assist you with this because they are a reliable storage solution that can hold pieces of evidence, in either a room temperature or refrigerated setting, for as long as you need. These handy lockers will ensure that your evidence is kept admissible for court proceedings and is crucial for law enforcement agencies. These are constructed using 16-gauge cold rolled steel and 14-gauge continuous hinges. They are built to utilize automatic slam-shut keyless locks, although keyed locks with key drops are available. Spring-loaded door hinges will also help your lockers last for years to come.

Keep Investigations Secure with Evidence Lockers

Pass-Thru and Non Pass-Thru Evidence lockers have compartments that can store almost any evidence that needs to be kept secure, from long guns to drugs. Pass-Thru lockers are available with front and rear trim. They are also available with a rear door that can be locked by a heavy gauge three-point latch bar with a padlock hasp. Pass-Thru lockers with gates allow access from the inside, which eliminates the need for officers to have keys from the outside. The officer simply puts the evidence in the locker, closes the door, and it locks automatically. The door lock can be reset from the inside.

Custom Evidence LockersIf your evidence needs to be temperature controlled, Refrigerated Evidence lockers are the best choice. These are perfect for holding blood specimens and rape kits. These are factory set at +4 degrees celsius refrigerator or freezer with a digital readout thermometer. They also have high density CFC-free urethane foam insulation and these refrigerators are stainless steel, inside and out. A quick note about refrigerated lockers, it’s vital that evidence is kept usable and admissible! Make sure the refrigerated unit that you choose does not contaminate the cardboard containers that may be storing your evidence and removes the moisture that’s normally associated with refrigeration. Our lockers stop this corrosive moisture in its tracks! It does this with forced air circulation and electric condensation removal.

If you need a combination of pass-thru and refrigerated lockers, we can make custom lockers specifically for your needs! These can be manufactured as small or as large as you need them to be, whether you need just a small cabinet or a whole wall of evidence lockers. They are powder coated in a warm beige texture, so that they’ll remain looking professional while blending in while the design of any existing setting. These have a modular construction, and are built using the same durable steel as the other pre-fabricated evidence lockers. You also have the option to add a drop slot to your locker configuration. This extra has been designed for dropping off DVDs and evidence envelopes while keeping them secure.

These lockers are perfect for storing information and data in police evidence transfers, evidence storage, court security, national park areas, and crime scene investigations. If security and continuity of evidence are the top priority for you, these are the systems that will meet your needs perfectly! These compartments also include number tags on each door so that you can easily identify which compartment the evidence that you need is in.

Identifying the correct requirements for your evidence storage means much more than picking out a color and handle type. We offer over 25 different door configurations, so you are able to consider every aspect of how your department handles evidence. These units meet all UL standards for product safety and performance. This includes knowing how evidence needs to be temporarily stored until it can be processed. Let us help. Contact us and our knowledgeable representatives will be able to assist you with selecting the best lockers for your facility. For your convenience and ease of set-up, these units ship to you completely assembled.

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