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Tennsco Lockers

Tennsco lockers has been a family-owned business for more than 50 years. Based in Tennessee, their motto is “Storage Made Easy” and that shows in their quality products. Dedicated to providing their clients with the strongest and most durable compartments, Tennsco is very much hands on for the entire manufacturing process. They choose the best raw materials which make these a great fit for hospitals, offices, and health clubs.

Secure and Reliable Tennsco Products

Tennsco LockersUsing state-of-the-art CAD drawings and the best manufacturing tools, Tennsco uses an advanced automation that effectively ensures the standard quality of lockers and storage products. In order to fight rust, these units are administered with a five stage pre-treatment process. These units have an aesthetic appeal which is also resistant to corrosion. To ensure that the powder coat finish is applied right, the high grade polyester/epoxy powder paint is affixed electrostatically.

Promoting durability with the reliable construction, for decades to come, these are designed to be sleek and contemporary. These units are available at a very competitive price point and are an outstanding value.

Offering a secure, durable, and quiet locker, Tennsco has an entire line that dampens noise and keeps settings quiet. Available in single tiers, double tiers, and a variety of box lockers, these metal lockers silence the metallic clang and resounding echos that lockers are so well known for. These durable lockers resist slamming and rust extremely well. You can use these cubicles with built-in locks or combination padlocks offering variety and flexibility.

C-Thru and Ventilated Steel Lockers are great options for encouraging safety and organized storage. These feature an all-welded steel construction and you can easily see the contents of the locker. These are great for preventing prohibited activity and help with easy inspection. These units are useful and durable.

Priding themselves on having outstanding value and quality, Tennsco is proud to say they don’t outsource any products or major components. That means providing higher quality products for their customers and more jobs for Americans. If you have any questions, contact us! Our representatives will be able to help you select the best lockers for your facility.

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