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Hallowell Lockers

Hallowell lockers are built to last. Formed using advanced computer controlled steel fabrication machines and state-of-the-art automatic, eco-friendly powder coating, their products are ready for whatever setting they are placed in. Innovative and engineered with quality in mind, these products are dependable and made to last! Hallowell’s lockers, cabinets, and benches would be perfect options for many different environments.

The Lasting Quality of Hallowell

For over a century, Hallowell has been a leader in the locker industry. They have been recognized for both the quality that they provide and the innovation that their modern designs have brought to the table. Hallowell has continued to produce high quality and durable products in the brand’s two state-of-the-art facilities that are located in Central and Southern Florida. Hallowell is recognized for using advanced technology in the process of creating their products, such as an automatic and environmentally friendly powder coat paint application system and computer controlled production. This assembly technique allows them to quickly create strong and reliable products that will exceed your expectations for business and personal use. The brand offers a selection of quality lockers and storage cabinets that will meet any secure storage requirements.Hallowell Sport and Clear View Lockers

From athletic lockers to hanging storage, Hallowell offers many different products to fit your needs. Many products are ideal for use in an office setting, such as the Hallowell Storage Cabinets. For organizing the garage, the Hallowell Storage Lockers would be an excellent selection. The mesh compartments allow them to easily store larger equipment, while their configuration allows for easy installation and relocation.

Colorful Lockers for Kids and Safe Clear View Units

Are you decorating a child’s room, or looking for a holiday or birthday gift? Take a look at the Hallowell Kids Lockers. These units are finished with a variety of bright, colorful paints and are just the right size for little ones! Excellent for keeping toys, gaming consoles, and clothing neatly put away and off the floor, these secure compartments are a great selection for any kids’ room.

Fabricated from high quality cold rolled sheet steel, the Welded Storage Cabinets are extremely heavy duty cubicles. They are constructed to ensure that through tough daily use, they will provide extreme strength and durability. Hallowell’s design allows them to be a secure storage option for industrial warehouses and factories. The compartment shelves can hold 1050 lbs. or 1450 lbs., depending on the model that you choose. With this feature, they are great for holding bulky tools and heavy office supplies.

Safety View Lockers are made for security. These allow full visibility of the contents of the locker, while still offering a highly secure location where personal possessions can be locked away. High strength injection molded clear polycarbonate door inserts provided an unobstructed view of the compartment interior. These would be ideal for businesses, airports, security hubs, and warehouses to ensure that no prohibited activity is occurring.

Law Enforcement Cubicles and School Storage

Military and police environments require durable and secure storage. The Hallowell Police Lockers and All-Welded Lockers are an excellent pick for settings that require storage that has been designed and tailored to fit the needs of law enforcement agencies. With extra shelving and areas to hang uniforms, these are a reliable alternative that will last through decades of daily use. They have the space to hold body armor and weapons that are essentials for security forces. Both of these arrive fully-assembled, which saves time and money and also allows you to use the products as soon as they arrive.Hallowell Lockers and Benches

Hallowell Storage Cabinet and Kids LockersSchools need units with just the right amount of storage. Look no further than the Hallowell Maintenance Free Lockers, the Hallowell Premium Lockers, or the Hallowell Economy Lockers! These three choices are excellent for providing plenty of storage space while ensuring that the contents of these units will remain safely locked away. The modern appearance that these cubicles provide is ideal not only for school hallways, but for study centers, employee areas, libraries, and any other environment that needs roomy storage.

Corrosion Resistant Units and Wood Lockers

Wood lockers provide storage without sacrificing style. These cubicles utilize red oak, which is naturally moisture resistant. The Hallowell Wood/Metal Lockers are an outstanding selection because they combine the best of both worlds. The durability of metal mixed with furniture-grade wood makes this hybrid a long-lasting choice. The Hallowell Wood Lockers are beautifully crafted and use European style hinges to create the look and feel of a custom built cabinet. Featuring a unique design, the Hallowell Wood Sport Lockers are made to last for years! It’s made for use in country clubs or golf centers where the dignified appearance will blend in to the existing setting. This choice is also covered by a one year warranty.

Have rust and corrosion been problems in your facility? The Hallowell Rust Resistant Lockers and the Hallowell Plastic Lockers are a quick fix to those problems. Both of these offer multiple configurations and can be used in areas that are exposed to high humidity, moist air, and corrosive chemicals that would negatively affect a traditional metal unit.

Why choose Hallowell?

There are truly endless environments in which to use these extremely heavy-duty and well-made Hallowell brand products. Before shipment, all of Hallowell products are audited and inspected by industry trade professionals to ensure that they meet the quality standards. If you have any questions about the Hallowell product line, contact us! We will be able to help you and provide you with the best lockers for your needs.

All of Hallowell’s products are made in, and distributed out of, the U.S.A.

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