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Kids Lockers

Our large and unique selection of kid's lockers offers great storage solutions for sports themed rooms, children’s rooms, preschools, daycares, child care centers, game rooms, and mudrooms. Kids can be messy and may need help with tidiness and organization. Our unique and varied collection of lockers specifically designed with kids in mind provide a fun way for children to maintain a tidier bedroom, game room, play area or school room. Likewise our entryway storage options can help your home or daycare stay cleaner; rather than letting kids track dirt, mud, rain, and snow throughout the house, kids can store all their outer gear in one place.


Do your kids participate in sports? Surprise your all-star athlete with a colorful kid's sports locker or a pro-style stadium locker as a reward for a great performance. They will love hanging their gear in their personalized sport locker and you will love having all of their toys, sporting gear and belongings put away. If you don't need a tall locker, you may be interested in a foot locker. These can be used at home, camp, or a dorm room to provide enough lockable storage that kids of all ages can store away important equipment, games, bedding, and more.

If you're looking for lockers that aren't quite as tall or don't take up as much space, we can help there too! We've got mini lockers which are half the height of our kids lockers. We also have tiny lockers and cash box lockers that work well as unique gift ideas. Kids really do just love having a little locker to help lock up their savings or their small valuables.

Once you do find your perfect locker, we have a selection of locker accessories to go with it. From dry erase boards to locks to locker shelves, we can help make your locker the perfect organizer. 

Browse through the various categories, including coat, lockable wood, storage, kids' rooms, sports and mini lockers and you are sure to find the perfect locker for your kid. Surprise your kids with a locker or two today!

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