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Employee Lockers

Best Lockers for Employees

Metal Employee Lockers for New LabMost companies need employee lockers. Think about it. You’ve helped to build your company from the ground up. You take pride in what you do each day. You provide quality products and services, and in doing so, your company has grown. As you’ve helped create more jobs and hire more staff, security becomes an increasing concern. Occasionally things might go missing: a stapler, a lunch, inexpensive supplies, nothing big yet. But the fact that things are going missing is a cause for concern. Few things are worse than that feeling of violated trust when you find someone is stealing from you or your employees. We can help you prevent that with our lockers for employees! Just see our lockers in the photo on the left at New Lab in New York City (click to read the case study).

Cell Phone Lockers for Employees

Then there’s the issue of cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Some employees are just a little too fond of using their mobile devices throughout the work day, affecting daily productivity. Sometimes they aren’t paying attention and leave products, important documents, and occasionally even that pesky phone, in random spots of the office or warehouse. Having dedicated, secure personnel lockers where the staff can store their purses, wallets, cell phones, and other valuables can help prevent theft and limit your company’s liability. We offer a variety of storage solutions and lockers for the workplace to help you out.

Employee Box Lockers

For smaller belongings, box lockers are probably your best option for employee storage. Economical when it comes to both money and space, these are perfect for storing those personal valuables that can sometimes fall out of pockets or are cumbersome to have on you when you’re working. With their compact size, these are mini lockers for employees, not enough space for them to fill excessively, just enough room for small valuables, shoes, and a small bag. You can order built in locks, or have employees bring their own. See our durable metal lockers for a storage solution that will stand the test of time. If you want visibility as to each unit’s contents, see our ventilated staff lockers as well as our clear view lockers for employees. These keep items secure but visible so you can make sure there’s nothing prohibited or dangerous on your premises.

Uniform Lockers

If your staff needs a little more room, like they have uniforms or change clothes at work, then it might be a good idea to look into our single tier and double tier lockers for sale. These not only have the advantage of more space but also hooks to hang clothes, jackets, and uniforms on. We also carry wall mounted lockers that have smaller compartments like our box lockers, but include a coat rod to hang jackets, aprons, suits, uniforms, and other clothing on. These are a great compromise between box lockers and double or single tier lockers. Just like our box lockers, these also have options for higher visibility.

Speaking of uniforms, if your company issues uniforms, then you know the mess that can come from employees changing clothes, mixing dirty uniforms with clean clothing, and clothes piling up where they do not belong. Then there’s issues with wrinkles that look unprofessional due to uniforms not being stored properly. With our clothes lockers, clean uniforms can be stored and distributed to workers easily and efficiently. Master doors make access by supervisors and suppliers quick and simple. Pair with a dirty clothing lockup unit for personnel to drop off dirty uniforms. Dirty clothes go in, clean neat outfits come out. Your employee rooms stay efficient and clean, and collecting/distributing is easy and straightforward.

Office and Warehouse Storage

Office Lockers, Employee LockersOr maybe you don’t necessarily need lockers, but you do need secure storage for your office, warehouse, or company that can withstand years of use and still be as tough as the day it was purchased. You know what? We’ve got you covered there too. We have a wide range of metal storage cabinets, wardrobe cabinets, mobile cabinets, wall mounted cabinets, TV storage, and office storage cabinets that include a file drawer on the bottom of the unit that are perfect for any workplace. Basically, if you need to store one thing, or many things, we have the ideal solution to help make your workplace safe and secure. Just see what we did for BlackRidge Financial's stylish new office (click to read the case study).

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