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Locker Accessories

Now that you have an awesome locker, you may find yourself in need of locker accessories or additional parts. Lockers are useful just as they are shipped with their hat shelves, hooks, and sometimes even coat rods inside to hang clothing on. If keeping locker rooms and areas clean is one of your priorities, our bases and slope hoods are fantastic at keeping clutter from building up. There are also going to be times where you need more organizational power and more ways to fully utilize that spiffy locker of yours, or even more ways to help it operate on an even better level. That’s where we can help! 

Take a look at our video to the right on locker bases and hoods, just a sampling of the kind of accessories we offer.


Keep Lockers Organized with Accessories

jorgenson lockers recessed locker handle

Lockers are a great investment, they can last for years, or even decades! Throughout that time though, they may need a little bit of maintenance, maybe a recessed locker handle has been broken by vandals or perhaps a hinge has been busted by a piece of equipment on accident. That's why we offer parts in addition to our lines of lockers, we know that our commitment doesn't end when you receive your locker. As the years go by, there may need to be minor fixes to keep your locker in peak condition. There's often no reason to throw away something perfectly good just because an inexpensive part needs to be replaced.

Often times, in trying to get into a locker, a thief damages the locker handle. To replace the entire unit would probably be around $100 on the low end, higher if it's a more upscale locker, then add shipping and you have an expensive headache. However, to just replace the handle itself would be a fraction of the cost and faster to replace. Or maybe you have older lockers that aren't made anymore, but are still full of life except for a few parts. You can spend thousands replacing them or extend their usefulness by spending a few dollars here and there to replace number plates, latches, springs, and nylon glides. We make sure to offer parts for a variety of locker manufacturers, including: Jorgenson Lockers, Penco, Hallowell, Lyon, Republic, Worley, Medart, Interior Steel, All Steel, and more.Locker With Accessories Whether your lockers are from the 70s or just a few years ago, we've got the parts you need.

Or maybe your locker is already in pristine condition, but you need some accessories to increase the organization capacity so contents don't get damaged. Nothing is worse than opening that door to find books with broken spines, smashed paperwork, and a pile of junk. With extra shelves, organizers, and more, lockers can do what they were meant to do: keep contents neat and secure. They help to better utilize existing space to handle more textbooks, homework, binders, or projects.

Our accessories extend further than organization. We also offer locker bases and locker sloped tops to complete the look of your lockers. Bases close off the area underneath the locker so that garbage and other unwanted debris don’t gather in an unruly pile underneath. That makes the area easier to clean and looking nicer. Another option to look into would be our locker sloped tops. Just like our bases, these keep clutter from piling up. It’s so easy to throw garbage, gum, and items out of view on the top of lockers. Later, when you and your staff are cleaning up, this is extremely annoying and gross to try and clean up. Help keep your locker users on their best behavior with locker tops! These will only need light dusting, compared to scraping gum off of locker tops.

Keep checking back with us! We're always adding more products to keep your lockers up to date. All of them will help you maintain and improve your organization. If you have any questions, give us a call! Our representatives will be more than happy to help you out.

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