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Locker Parts

Lockers can be a big investment and although they are built to last for many years, they can wear out over time and locker parts need to be replaced. This can be caused by the regular daily use that may begin to wear out the units over time, or can even be due to deliberate vandalism. If this type of destruction starts to impair how your lockers are functioning, you don’t need to replace the entire locker! Instead, you can simply replace the broken part, whether that may be a new locker handle, latch hook, or hinge. We offer a huge selection of individual replacement parts for every kind of locker to help you keep your lockers in perfect operating condition! Browse our full line of locker parts for sale below that will be able to keep your investments operational and ready to use!

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Jorgenson Locker HandleWhile lockers are constructed to be a durable storage option and are generally able to work well for years, they may need some maintenance and repair work occasionally to make sure that they're working efficiently. This maintenance will also help to keep your locker contents safe and secure. To assist you with keeping your investments functional, we carry a complete line of quality repair parts for all of the major locker brands. The list of quality manufacturers that we are able to offer you includes Jorgenson Lockers, Penco, Hallowell, List Industries, Republic, Lyon, and Worley.

We also offer hard to find parts for brands like All Steel, Interior Steel, and Medart lockers that are no longer in production. If your lockers were manufactured in the 1950s, 60s, or even earlier, we’ve got you covered! Whether the units just need a little adjusting or a bit of sprucing up to extend their usefulness, we can help you find the rare parts that will keep these older lockers looking like new and functioning properly for many more years to come. This is a great alternative to buying a set of new lockers.

Locker Parts for SalePeople will occasionally try to break-in to lockers, or they may just want to damage the compartment. These vandals or thieves will generally attempt to break off handles and latches in order to access the contents of your lockers. If you’ve had issues with this type of activity, we are able to help you with replacing just the individual locker parts that have been damaged. This is a great alternative to replacing the whole unit, which can add up if all of your lockers have been broken in some way.


If you have several different brands of lockers in your facility, or if you’re not sure what brand of parts you need, we offer a line of universal locker parts that will work with most major brands. These quality parts are ready for quick ship so that you can get your locker working as quickly as possible. It’s a great idea to keep a supply of number plates, locker handles, nylon glides, and coat hooks stashed away and on hand so that you will be prepared for those unexpected repair jobs that seem to come up at the most inconvenient times.

All parts are listed with detailed images so that you will be able to determine exactly what parts are needed to restore your locker to a fully functional condition. Best of all, most of our locker parts are available as part of our quick ship program. This great feature means they are shipped off to you within one to three business days so you can get your lockers up and running again in no time flat.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, or do you have questions? Contact us today! Our knowledgeable representatives have years of experience and are here to help you find a solution to all your locker repair problems at the best price possible. Put our expertise to work so that we can save you valuable time and money!

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