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Plastic Lockers

One kind of locker that is gaining popularity is our line of plastic lockers. Impervious to water, numerous chemicals, and resistant to scratches, dents, and graffiti, these are a solid investment for any facility. In fact, they tend to be quieter and more resilient to impact damage than metal lockers. We have a variety of sizes, colors, and styles available so you can get the best locker. Given their strength, easy maintenance, and resistance and to corrosion, plastic lockers are particularly well suited to the following applications:

- Schools - Locker Rooms - Warehouses - Pools - Preschools & Daycares - Laboratories - Retail Space - Spas - Amusement Parks - And More!

Why Go with Plastic Lockers?

Lockers made from plastic are: - Rust proof - Scratch resistant - Low maintenance - Up to 59 times MORE resistant to impacts than steel

Plastic Lockers with student inside a school

If you need storage for a harsh environment where rain, moisture, and humidity can take a toll on steel, you will benefit greatly from our line of solid, high density polyethylene plastic lockers. To keep things short, we refer to them as HDPE lockers. High density polyethylene has some pretty amazing qualities, including immunity to mildew and rust, no matter how much water they’re exposed to. Scratches, dents, and stains are unnoticeable since the color goes all the way through the thick, durable material, so you never have to worry about paint repairs. The best part is that these cannot be damaged by graffiti because the plastic locker material (HDPE) is graffiti resistant. So when vandals do eventually tag a locker, all of that unsightly tagging cleans right off easily with some non-abrasive spray cleaner you can get at any department store and a rag. No more having to replace doors, buy expensive graffiti cleaner, or spend hours scrubbing for mediocre results. A dream for any facility manager, these will provide superior protection and save you time and money on maintenance and repairs!

The unique characteristics of high density polyethylene (HDPE) make these truly waterproof lockers perfect solutions for indoor swimming centers, pool locker rooms, water parks, aquatic or marine facilities and other places that really get wet—spas, saunas, ski resorts and anywhere an outdoor locker would need to be.  Due to the superior protection that plastic lockers provide against the growth of mold and mildew, a row of solid plastic lockers works great in food processing plants, labs or anywhere else having a antimicrobial environment is required.  These also provide protection against corrosive environments that would otherwise quickly eat through metal. For companies looking to ‘go green’ there is even better news!  Statistics prove that just one of these HDPE lockers made from recycled materials keeps about 500 old milk jugs out of your local landfill!

These are also becoming an increasingly popular sight in schools as hallway lockers thanks to reasons listed above. Greater resistant to impacts, dents and scratches than the average metal locker help protect the school's investment. Add in how easy it is to clean graffiti, stickers, and other gunk students tend to leave in their locker and you have a long-lasting locker winner!

Don’t let your lockers become prey to rust, graffiti, scratches, and dents in the urban jungles where your building is located.  Select one of our plastic lockers and let it be the first barrier of defense in your battle against water and other elements. Or, if you can't quite find what you need, order our custom plastic lockers. From color to design to configuration and features, we can create the perfect locker setup for you.

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