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Custom Plastic Lockers

Custom Plastic Lockers

About Custom Lockers

Let’s get right down to it: you know how awesome HDPE is at this point. The rust proof, corrosion resistant material lasts for years with no signs of deterioration. Colors go through the entire material so you never have to worry about retouching paint or large unsightly scratches again. The problem you have now is nothing quite fits what you need for your facility. The color, style, or configuration doesn’t match what you had in mind. That’s where we come in. There are those certain industries and facilities that are unique, where the standard locker does not meet certain requirements. Water parks, fitness centers, health spas, and schools all have different requirements unique to their facilities. Whatever your need might be, we can help.

Custom plastic lockers for sports

Custom plastic lockers for a fitness center

Custom Lockers in Action

This particular design to the left involves a custom blue color as well as mesh lattice venting to better serve the sports teams using this locker room. The lattice style mesh provides greater ventilation so equipment can dry faster while preventing mildew and mold from infecting the lockers.

On the right is an installation for a fitness club, complete with a shorter style locker and stall partitions, basically any of your Division 10 specialties. The shorter style lockers feature ends and a top to keep lockers contained while offering a sleek appearance. The shorter locker option allows patrons to temporarily put their bags or belongings on top of the lockers while they change, and the bathroom has a large enough stall with partitions to create a changing area for those who'd prefer privacy. 

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Our plastic locker reps have decades of experience helping others through every stage of the custom locker process: from initial planning and design all the way through installation. We are here, ready to work within your budget and your deadlines while still offering only the highest quality materials and service. Now that you've seen just a little of what we can do, let us help you get started on custom plastic lockers quote by clicking here, or contact us if you have any questions that you'd like answered. Our reps are here to help!


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