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Penco Lockers

The need for storage products spans across all businesses and industries. The Penco brand is widely known for their use in industrial, institutional, service and governmental applications, and can handle larger jobs as easily as small custom jobs. We are proud to be a source for this name brand of popular lockers; including their metal Vanguard series, Stadium lockers, and Full Feature lockers. To complete your setup, we also offer a variety of Penco storage cabinets and Penco locker room benches. Formed using premium industrial steel and maple wood, Penco lockers and benches are designed to last in whatever environment they are used. Penco lockers, cabinets, and benches are perfect options for the following:

Schools – Locker Rooms – Gyms – Hotels and Motels – Amusement Parks – Warehouses – Labs – Offices – Mudrooms – Garages – and More!


Quality – Dependability – Security – Durability – Style – Variety

Green Powder Coat Finish

Since 1869, Penco has thrived as one of the nation’s prime metal fabrication companies. Throughout the years, they have pursued a wide range of product lines including lockers, shelving, benches, and more. Now, Penco is the largest manufacturer of quality metal lockers in the United States. This company has been in business for an impressive 145 years and has developed a reputation for quality fabrication while simultaneously setting the industry standard for lockers. Penco has truly earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted metal production companies in the nation.

Penco Vanguard lockers are constructed using prime grade industrial steel that’s electrically welded for a rigid, sturdy assembly. Each configuration combines 16, 18, and 24 gauge steel to ensure maximum durability. These Penco metal lockers possess stainless steel recessed handlesRed Powder Coat Finish that creates a flush front to protect padlocks. The smaller metal box locker doors feature friction-catch door pulls. Penco locker doors possess two to three continuous door strikes to ensure secure closure. The nylon padding on each door strike minimizes noise and helps keep the doors tightly shut. Penco steel lockers offer strength and security in their construction, making them a perfect choice for nearly every facility.

The Penco Stadium locker line is ideal when their open front design is needed for quick and convenient access of uniforms and sports equipment. These sports lockers are configured specifically to endure the rough and tumble lifestyle of professional and amateur athletes alike! To maximize ventilation, the open front combined with perforated sides prevents the accumulation of mold and musty odors. Penco athletic lockers utilize thick 14, 16, and 18 gauge steel for optimal stability and fortitude. They are a wonderful addition to any stadium, locker room, or sports fan home!

Penco Full Feature lockers excel in the category of uniform lockers or garment lockers. They come in various configurations and sizes in order to provide employees with clean and secure storage for garments, uniforms, and vocational equipment. Penco has expanded their Full Feature selection to offer a linen control storage locker and towel manager/dispenser for companies with particular needs. The network of 16-gauge steel frames, 18-gauge steel doors, and 24-gauge steel sides means these lockers will continue to provide safe and secure storage for years to come.

We offer a wide variety of configurations, sizes, and colors for these Penco products. Quick ship is available for all Penco metal lockers and storage cabinets in the gray and champagne colors. The Penco uniform lockers are also immediately available for shipment in both gray and silver vein. For further convenience, we provide an option for several of the Penco lockers to be fully assembled prior to delivery for a modest fee. If you have any questions or custom needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our knowledgeable locker representatives have years of experience to assist you in purchasing the best Penco lockers at the best price!

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