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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ isn't intended to be comprehensive. For answers to your specific questions, call the locker experts on our customer service line at (877) 952-0151.

Should I order my lockers unassembled or assembled?Should I order my lockers unassembled or assembled?
Most frequently questions This is the question we are asked most frequently and likely the most difficult to answer as much of the answer depends on you and your company's capabilities and manpower. We recommend, in most cases, that you order lockers assembled for the following reasons:

  • Locker assembly is time consuming for most customers. Ordering assembled lockers saves you time, labor costs and effort.
  • Assembly requires connecting and tightening 45-60 nuts and bolts per vertical column (1 locker). You will likely have to use the nuts and bolts provided, where we use a riveting production process with pneumatic riveters.
  • Assembling lockers is similar to assembling an entertainment center from a box with lots of parts and pieces to line up and connect together. We've all been there.
  • When you choose to order your lockers assembled, they arrive in groups ready to connect together and set in place. It is highly recommended that lockers be anchored to the wall or the floor for safety reasons.
  • Your labor costs may be higher or you may be required to pay union or prevailing wages.
  • Many of our customers that order unassembled lockers call us back and thank us for the quality of lockers provided, and express regret that they did not order assembled lockers. We are frequently told by these customers that assembly took longer than anticipated, required more man power, and was overall a frustrating experience. If they were to do it over again, they would order assembled lockers.

Some reasons you should order your lockers unassembled include:

  • Assembly does not require special tools or skills, just a 3/8" nut driver or wrench.
  • If you've built any kind of pre-fabricated wood furniture (shelf unit, TV stand, entertainment center, computer desk, etc.) then you will be able to assemble lockers.
  • You are a residential customer and would like to have a quality project to complete with your kids. We highly recommend unassembled lockers to residential customers, especially for kids' locker products because many of them can be shipped via UPS; which costs substantially less than shipping via standard freight carriers.
  • You are ordering a small quantity of lockers, which makes for easier assembly.
  • You are looking for lower overall landed cost for lockers and shipping.
  • Assembled lockers are more prone to damage during transit.
  • Assembly instructions are provided throughout the site for each item or click here for general assembly instructions.
Will you give me a credit for or purchase our existing old lockers?Will you give me a credit for or purchase our existing old lockers?
credit or an offerIn most cases the answer will be yes to this question. For us to present you a credit or an offer for your old lockers, we need the following:

  • Pictures of the outside and inside views of the lockers emailed to
  • Size(s) of the lockers in inches (width, then depth, then height).
  • Quantity of the lockers. How many total vertical columns and how many total lockers/doors?
  • Where will your lockers ship from (city, state and zip code)?
  • Will you be able to remove and load the lockers with your own personnel, or will we need to provide crews to remove and load them?
  • When will the lockers be available or need to be removed?

Once you have provided us with the information above we will send you an offer for your lockers. Should you accept our offer, we will make arrangements for payment and schedule a truck or trucks to pick them up.

Where do you ship from?Where do you ship from?
dDistribution centersWith more than 24 shipping points and distribution centers located throughout the country the shipping costs will be as minimal as possible. A few of our distribution centers are located as follows:

  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Tampa, FL
  • Houston, TX
  • Memphis, TN
  • Dallas, TX
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Hamilton, NC
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Chicago, IL
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Louisville, KY
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Toronto, ON (Canada)

And there are many more! All products are not available from every distribution center.
Our entire network of strategically located distribution centers is in place to ultimately save you from paying unnecessary shipping costs and to support our commitment to back up what we promote in regards to our "Quick Ship" program and offerings.

Expected lead timeWhat is the expected lead time for custom or production locker orders?
Lead timeThroughout most of the year, the lead time for our production lockers is 3-5 weeks. During "Locker Season," which is late spring through the summer months, production lead times will be longer. If you have a specific deadline to meet, give us a call. We have a lot of options available to us and our customer service department will most likely be able to find a way to meet your needs.
Do you sell small quantities?Do you sell small quantities?
Minimum order limitations Yes! We have no minimum order limitations.
Do you sell to residential customers?Do you sell to residential customers?
Residential customers Absolutely! We love our residential customers and will treat you like family.
What are your accepted payment methods?What are your accepted payment methods?
Prepayment For initial orders we require prepayment in the form of a company check, credit card, or wire transfer. Terms are given to government entities and public school districts upon request. Call our customer service department to discuss other options that may be available to you.
What colors are available? What colors are available?
Popular colors Our most popular colors are gray, blue and beige, which is why these colors are available for most of our quick ship products. We promote up to 30-color choices. In reality, we offer unlimited custom colors, some of which will require an up charge.
Architectural specificationI am trying to match an architectural specification. Can you help?
Quote and bid off of architectural specifications Absolutely! We work closely with architects and general contractors every day. We review, quote and bid off of architectural specifications all day long.
Do you ship to Canada?Do you ship to Canada?
Regular basis ship Yes, on a regular basis. Therefore, our site is programmed to provide shipping rates to most postal codes and providences in Canada so you can order online, or call and speak with our locker staff for assistance. Keep in mind that you will need the services of a broker. If you are not familiar with this process, it is quite simple and requires a nominal fee. We can arrange to include the broker fees if you would like us to do so.
Do you ship lockers outside of North America or Internationally?Do you ship lockers outside of North America or Internationally?
Shipped lockers worldwide Yes, we have shipped lockers worldwide. Recently, we shipped metal lockers, plastic lockers and bleachers to Mexico, plastic lockers to Bermuda, tenant storage lockers to The Bahamas, large metal employee lockers to Guantanamo Bay, and a couple metal locker orders to countries in South America.
Are all lockers created equal?Are all lockers created equal?
Most lockers look similar in design Absolutely not! From outside appearances, most lockers look similar in design, but there are many differences that affect locker quality, durability and longevity; such as door rigidity and reinforcement, door function, latching mechanisms, hinges, thickness of steel, the methods by which they are painted, etc. Avoid purchasing single point latching lockers that are currently being marketed. They do not have welded reinforcing pans to stiffen the door which means you really don't have a locker since they will easily be compromised.
Whom do you sell so many lockers to?Whom do you sell so many lockers to?
Facilities Good question, most customers don't realize the magnitude of uses that could include lockers, but here is a random list of the types of facilities that we provide lockers to: public and private schools, charter schools, colleges, universities, gyms, recreational centers, YMCA facilities, fitness centers, health clubs, country clubs, golf clubhouses, athletic clubs, sports arenas, stadiums, martial arts training facilities, aquatic facilities, natatoriums, water parks, city, county and private pools, marinas, lifeguard stations, police stations, fire stations, correctional facilities, military bases, government facilities, barracks, airports, businesses of all industry, offices, mines, hospitals, medical centers, doctors offices, dental offices, skating rinks, bowling alleys, salons, wellness centers, garages, community centers, homes, kids rooms, day care and child care centers, restaurants, food processing plants, hotels, resorts, lodges, spas, saunas, libraries, amusement parks, theme parks, apartment complexes, condominiums, multi-family housing units, adventure camps, youth camps, entertainment clubs, etc.
Why should I buy from you guys?Why should I buy from you guys?
About Us See our About Us page.
Where are you located?Where are you located?
Extensive network of distribution centers Our sales office is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our extensive network of distribution centers is strategically located throughout the United States and Canada to keep your shipping costs minimal and to facilitate quick arrival of your lockers. We also have a network of local and national installation crews available to assist you.
How will my lockers be packaged?How will my lockers be packaged?
Pallets or skids and shrink-wrapped Most orders are placed on pallets or skids and shrink-wrapped with protective cardboard and foam material inside to protect the contents. Finally, we place banding around the skid and lockers; always maintaining the product within the parameters of the pallet to minimize damage.

What accessories should I be considering?What accessories should I be considering?
Most common accessories ordered The most common accessories ordered or installed along with lockers include:

  • Locker Locks. Common options include combination padlocks, or built-in combination locks, or built-in key locks, but other locks such as coin operated, keyed padlock, and so forth are also used.
  • Locker Bases. Front and end locker bases enclose the space between the locker legs for a finished look that is easy to keep clean. Continuous "zee" or "channel" bases are common on large projects.
  • Locker Room Benches. A locker room is not complete without benches to sit on while changing.
  • Sloped Locker Tops. Individual sloped top kits convert flat top lockers to sloped top lockers. Continuous heavy gauge sloped hoods are commonly used for large projects.
  • Locker End Panels. Either heavier gauge ends or premium boxed ends are available for row ends.
  • Filler Panels. Are used to bridge gaps between the end of a run of lockers and the wall. They create a professional, polished look when the lockers don't take up the full wall-to-wall space.
Are metal, plastic or wood lockers best for my needs?Are metal, plastic or wood lockers best for my needs?
Lowest cost Metal lockers meet the needs of most locker requirements for the lowest cost. Wood lockers provide warmth, style, beauty and elegance of fine wood. They are usually considered the most aesthetically appealing. Plastic lockers are generally the most expensive, but are highly recommended for areas where they will be exposed to moisture or corrosive elements. For greater detail and more information about these three types of lockers visit our metal lockers, wood lockers and plastic lockers pages while browsing the site.
What locks will my lockers accept?What locks will my lockers accept?
Padlock type locks Most of our lockers accept both padlock type locks and/or built in type locks.The most common locks for lockers come with a master key control feature for administrative access and include: built-in combination locks, built-in keyed locks, and combination padlocks. Other locks that work with our lockers are coin operated return or collect locks and keyed padlocks.

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