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Police Lockers

Duty calls and you need to be ready to answer it, so keep all your gear in one of our secure police lockers. When faced with stressful, potentially life-threatening situations all police officers, SWAT teams, sheriffs and deputies everywhere need to know that not only can they quickly and easily access the gear and equipment they may need, but that every piece is where it’s supposed to be. When it’s not in use, it needs to stay securely locked away to prevent potential loss, damage, tampering, or theft. Whether you’re looking for just one or two police lockers for a growing department or need enough units for an entire police locker room.

Law Enforcement Lockers You Can Trust

Police Locker Room Lockers

The police gear lockers we sell are designed and built specifically to accommodate the amount of equipment that law enforcement uses. We sell secure lockers that can be used in jails, prisons and courthouses to lock up firearms and other items that aren’t allowed into the facility. We also provide the large police turnout lockers that can accommodate all the gear any police officer might need to store. With various options for an open face design with interior compartments that can be locked, select your size and color for easy ordering. If you need more options like all-welded, doors or custom colors (such as two tone paint), we are more than happy to create the ideal locker for you. Do you need police storage for your tactical gear bags? Or a safe weapons locker with secure locks? We have a variety of sizes and styles to ensure that you have the best security for your law enforcement storage needs.

Evidence LockersWe not only provide police lockers, we also offer evidence lockers for police departments and other law enforcement agencies. Charges and cases against alleged criminals are based on evidence, and if there is any question about the validity of the evidence you can jeopardize an entire case. To keep evidence organized, as well as safe from tampering, buy an evidence locker for your department. With several styles available, ranging from pass through evidence storage to refrigerated lockers, we have just the right configuration for you. These are available in a wide selection of styles and sizes so whether you are a small rural office serving a county or a big city with a big lab, we can outfit you with the best evidence lockers for your needs. These are also customizable to meet your department’s policies and procedures. Options include: automatic slam shut keyless locks, number tags for each door, over 25 different door configurations, rear doors for pass-thru models, and drop slots for envelopes and DVD evidence.

 The more you can keep your force organized and secure, the better they can perform their job: to protect and serve their citizens and businesses. Unfortunately, emergencies and dangerous situations develop all too often today, and our brave officers need to be as prepared as possible for whatever may happen. Having each officer’s police go bag in their own designated locker, organized and always at the ready can help take one less thing off their already very full plate.

Don’t forget to see our “Quick Ship” lockers. These are lockers that ship out from our facility within 1 to 3 business days so you get your order faster. No more waiting on someone else’s schedule with multiple delays when you need them immediately. These are typically offered in several popular colors and sizes, and you choose whether you want them unassembled or assembled. Unassembled is perfect for when you want to put it together yourself or just want to store it until it’s needed. Assembled is for those who want to be able to take it out of the box and install it as soon as it’s delivered.

The locations we sell our lockers to impress even our sales staff, supplying courthouses, jails, and police stations across the country with our small pistol lockers. We’ve supplied various counties with the perfect evidence lockers for their needs. Police departments, highway patrols, and prisons all across the United States have gotten their police lockers designed by us to hold all of their uniforms, firearms, and tactical gear. Browse our selection to find your lockers, or contact one of our highly knowledgeable representatives to work on a layout that best suits your facility.

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