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Fire Station Lockers

Fighting fires is a stressful business.  When an emergency arises, the men and women in your station need to be able to get to their gear as quickly as possible.  And once the fire is out, they need the assurance that their uniforms and equipment will be able to dry out completely and stay in tip top shape for the next emergency.  Our fire station lockers are designed specifically to meet the needs of firefighters; to keep their gear organized, easily accessible, and stored properly between calls.

We offer the largest selection of turnout gear lockers around with many styles and models to choose from, including wall mount, free standing and mobile firefighter lockers.  Every second counts when that alarm rings, and first responders need to be able to access their gear quickly to keep response times to a minimum.  Our lockers are designed to make sure equipment is organized efficiently and easy to get to.

Our ready rack turnout gear lockers can help decrease expensive equipment replacement costs, while increasing safety for your crew.  They feature an open wire design to allow for maximum air circulation to keep your personal protective equipment (PPE) free from mold and mildew which can prematurely break down the fibers of your gear.  Worn PPE can result in hefty replacement costs, and can also put firefighters at risk for injuries such as steam burns.  Additionally, these lockers have quality features such as gridded steel panels to separate each individual section, plastic label holders for personalizing lockers, adjustable clothing hooks, a hanging rod, and upper and lower shelves for storing helmets and boots.  Available with a durable zinc chromate finish or a bright red powder coat paint, these come in units with up to 40 individual locker sections in a variety of sizes to meet your storage needs.  Several styles are also available to help you maximize the space in your fire station.  Wall mount lockers offer a permanent PPE storage solution when you don’t have a lot of floor space, yet the open back design means they won’t interfere with electrical outlets and light switches on the wall.  Free standing lockers feature leveling bolts on each support post, making these an ideal option for uneven floor surfaces.  They are also perfect for converting open space into aisles of storage that is easy to access.  Mobile lockers allow you to easily move your storage around from place to place as your needs change.  You can even combine different styles of lockers in your station to make the most efficient use of the available space for turnout gear storage.

We also carry a wide selection of athletic stadium lockers and gear lockers which are ideal for use as fire department lockers.  Built to last, these lockers are typically made of durable 16 gauge steel with a scratch resistant powder coat paint finish available in your choice of colors to coordinate with your station.  The open front design with perforated side panels helps promote ventilation to allow PPE to properly dry out between emergencies.  Other quality options include lockable security boxes, drawers and footlockers to keep street clothes and personal items safely locked up.

Once you have your firehouse equipped with lockers, don’t forget to add those locker accessories that will help keep all that expensive gear more efficiently organized.  We offer a complete line of accessories designed specifically for use with heavy turnout gear.  Quick drying hangers for bunker pants, coats and gloves ensure that uniforms can dry out quickly and completely.  Helmet holders extend the life of your helmet by keeping pressure off the ratchet band and allowing the interior to air out.   Additional shelves give you more organization and storage options, while lockable boxes and security panels are perfect if you want to be able to keep your equipment and personal belongings locked up between emergencies.

Not sure which locker will be best for your facility?  Contact our experienced representatives today to help you design a storage solution to fit your specific floor space, maximize efficiency, and be the envy of other fire departments!

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