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Lyon Lockers

Since its establishment in 1901, Lyon lockers has become one of the industry’s best and most trusted suppliers of premium lockers and other industrial storage solutions, such as heavy-duty cabinets. With their long history of providing reliable storage products, Lyon has engineered their equipment to provide the highest level of security and stability for your organizational needs. Using game changing machinery, this innovative company manufactures products that are found in almost every setting imaginable. All of the Lyon products are available in several neutral colors and design configurations so that you can find the right fit for your needs.

Durable and Versatile Lyon Lockers, Benches, Cabinets, and Parts

Lyon LockersLyon’s mission ever since they began their workspace product fabrication over 100 years ago has been to advance the development and manufacture of lockers, cabinets, storage solutions, and other metal shelving systems. Because this has been their first priority for such a long period of time, each piece is fabricated to a high standard of quality.

These superior production values also carry over into usability. Lyon has designed their products to be as convenient for the user as possible.Lyon Cabinet To make this goal achievable, their lockers use catch-free handle systems, plenty of interior hooks and shelves, and are powder coated with premium paint which helps to promote a scratch free finish. These features are a practical and crucial addition to any facility.

Lyon steel lockers are perfect for school settings and healthcare environments. They are rust resistant, durable, and have been manufactured in a variety of different sizes. They are a perfect fit for facilities with limited floor space, as well as larger areas. Helping to keep students organized, these are a great option for securely locking away possessions while they are busy and focused in class.

Functional and extremely resilient, Lyon’s cabinets have many practical applications. These have a large shelf holding capacity which makes them perfect for holding bulky and heavy items which would work perfectly at a hospital or manufacturing plant. Another application of these versatile units would be in an office setting. Offices have many different types of supplies to organize and store, which is where these functional shelving units come in handy. To meet these many different needs and uses, Lyon offers standard industrial strength cabinets as well as stronger all-welded compartments which are meant to hold up to decades of heavy daily use.

No hallway or team room would be complete without a bench to finish the set-up. Lyon’s hefty and stable free standing locker room benches are available in aluminum and hardwood with different styles of pedestals. Aluminum benches are the best choice for areas that might be exposed to corrosive elements, like water or moist environments. Wooden benches are great for providing a fresh and modern look for any setting. This ensures that they will blend in with any existing color scheme or design that is in place.

To keep all of your metal products in perfect working order, we offer replacement locker parts. Lockers can go through a lot of use and abuse throughout their lifetimes, so sometimes a little maintenance is needed.Lyon Athletic Lockers and Cabinets When it is, buying a replacement part is a much more affordable alternative to buying a brand new unit. If your lockers need a little help, consider these brand specific parts. Providing the same excellence that Lyon systems are known for, these are sure to keep your business, and lockers, running smoothly for years.

Commitment to quality is seen in the construction of Lyon’s products and in the many advancements that they continue to build into their dependable products. Quiet door features are added into units to stop unnecessary clatter and a nano roller latching systems help prevent break-ins. This latching system is spring loaded for easy use and also uses a zamak 3 zinc alloy latch finger. Zamak is an alloy that is formed by combining aluminum, magnesium, and copper. This adds up to four times more strength than traditional nylon. Lyon LLC is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant and is also committed to a greener tomorrow. These technological advancements ensure that their units will meet your ecological standards and needs for many years into the future.

These units are covered by a lifetime warranty and will be a great option for many different settings. Available in a large range of sizes and colors, these units are a practical choice. These compartments are available for quick ship, so that they will leave our facility fast once you have placed your order. This allows you to begin installing and using your new cabinets as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, contact our friendly and knowledgeable representatives! They have years of experience and will be able to answer your questions, as well as help you select the correct lockers for your environment at the best prices possible.

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