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Clear View Lockers

When you work in places locations that are security sensitive, such as jails, hospitals, schools, government buildings, police stations, and airports you may need the ability to see what's inside one of your lockers without having to open it. Having a clear view locker, also known as a safety view locker, is vital to protecting your workplace against illegal substances or dangerous weapons while also keeping employee possessions secure.

See our video to the right for a better look at see through lockers!

Clear view lockers also help large warehouses and retail stores combat inventory shrinkage and other forms of workplace theft. Anything stored within a visible locker can be easily checked by looking through the tough polycarbonate, scratch resistant windows.

The unfortunate reality is that you may not be able to trust everyone, whether it’s in your warehouse, office, airport, or hospital. There are those who may pose a threat, who want to distribute illegal substances, or who think that the rules don’t apply to them. Protect yourself, and those around you, with our lockers that have see through doors. These are the best way to provide just the right amount of safety, security, and transparency. Potential threats or dangers are easy to spot and weed out, yet harmless valuables kept secure, safe and sound.

We have so many configuration options available that you are sure to be able to find the right option for your needs. Single tiers and double tiers work well for warehouses, airports, correctional facilities, hospitals, and employee changing rooms. Box lockers and 16-person lockers are perfect for retail stores, warehouses, and offices where a few small personal belongings like bags, wallets, and hats need to be secured.

Whether you want to discourage workplace or locker room theft with a transparent locker, or make sure everything is still in one place in an evidence locker; our clear view lockers will provide the security and convenience that you need. Our selection includes the most popular styles of single tier, double tier, box, and 16-person as mentioned above, but also wall-mount, mesh and storage lockers.

If you have questions, contact our representatives! We’ll be able to help you and assist you with selecting the best lockers for your needs.

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