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Specialty Lockers

Our selection of specialty lockers are for those niches where the standard locker doesn’t quite suit the task. That’s the precise reason we created this page, to hold all of our unique lockers that are designed for particular tasks and facilities. From clear view lockers that allow you to see inside the locker without touching it, to garage storage lockers, to anti-bacterial lockers designed for hospitals. We see a need, and we strive to fulfill it.

Meet Individual Needs with Specialty Lockers

Our coin operated lockers are ideal for amusement parks, swimming pools, bowling alleys, and other facilities where temporary storage for patrons is a necessity. People need a secure place where they can store wallets, car keys, cell phones, bags, and anything else that they might need to store so they can enjoy your establishment as much as possible without having to worry about losing their property.Electronic and Stainless Steel Lockers Locks can be configured to either accept tokens or coins such as quarters. Over time the coin locker investment pays for itself as more and more patrons use the units to store their belongings while maintenance is minimal. Built to withstand that daily use and abuse, these are created to last for years so your customers have peace of mind while you have one more revenue stream for your business.

For police departments, labs, and law enforcement agencies of any size and scope, our evidence lockers help keep the chain of custody intact to ensure that evidence remains secure and admissible. Tampered evidence is worse than no evidence at all, and we have a variety of styles and configurations to keep your agency on top of the incoming stream of data and confiscated objects. Pass-through styles, as well as refrigerated styles are available to ensure proper storage and protection. We keep a variety of styles in stock to ship quickly while also offering more custom options to better fit your facility.Clear View Lockers

For those in the medical or research fields, where sanitary conditions are a necessity, we have our stainless steel lockers as well as our anti-microbial hospital lockers. Stainless steel is resistant to rust as well as germs while providing a smooth, clean looking finish that is perfect for kitchens, labs, or caterers. The hospital lockers are designed specifically for hospitals and wellness centers and feature a uniquely devised powder coat finish that resists mold, bacteria, yeast, and mildew for up to 20 years, offering you the perfect storage for care center staff, doctors, nurses, or caregivers. We also carry a variety of other rust resistant lockers that are available from single tier on to box lockers and heavy duty cabinets.

Our clear view lockers are ideal for those who hold security as the highest priority, such as schools, airports, bus terminals, and visitor’s centers. The bodies of the lockers are that same durable steel, but the doors feature sturdy polycarbonate inserts that are shatter resistant to keep lockers resilient against vandals, yet allow management to see into the locker contents to ensure safety.Coin Operated and Rust Resistant Lockers

Maybe you need something more sophisticated than the standard lockers, something more modern, something digital. Take a look at our electronic lockers. Made with convenience and security in mind, these make managing multiple lockers simple and easy. Track individual users and codes with a few clicks of a mouse, as needs changes and users change, update the locks with the press of a button. No more combination locks or keys, simply use a pass code to gain access. These are perfect for users and management alike with the amazing convenience and simplicity that’s offered.

For garages, whether they are in a shop or at home, organization is always a problem. As gear, tools, and equipment are acquired, there becomes less available floor space to work with. This is no longer a problem with our specially designed Garage Storage Solutions. We have everything from mesh wire lockers to industrial shelving to overhead garage storage and more. Whatever the size of your garage is, we have organizers and cabinets to ensure the best use of space. Best of all, since our garage lockers are designed to withstand heavy weights for years, you know that they won’t simply break down (tumbling expensive gear all over the floor, or worse, on your car). Large shops love our Wire Mesh Garage Storage Lockers thanks to their open, ventilated design that secures expensive tools and supplies. They are also easy to add onto as needs grow and more storage is needed. Homeowners, on the other hand, love our Garage Sports Equipment Lockers since they make organizing sports gear easy and simple. Kids and adults alike can store uniforms, balls, and bags ready to go in the garage. No more forgetting gear before going to practice, simple grab it on the way out and put it away when you get home. This way, any odors from clothes don’t settle in the house, and lockers are easily cleaned with soap and water when needed.

Now that you’ve seen our array of specialty lockers, do not hesitate to contact us here. We have a whole team of product specialists that can answer any question you might have, or create a custom locker configuration for your facility.

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