Featured Project: Not Your Typical Office Lockers


Office Lockers, An Unlikely Source for a Creative Touch

When you think of a financial building, you might imagine a boring beige or gray building full of drab cubicles–but BlackRidge Financial’s new building in Fargo, ND is anything but boring.  Every wall and piece of furniture there has a story or hidden meaning.  In one room, you’ll find a table made from a replica of the Fenway Park scoreboard with replicas of famous baseball bats for legs.  In other parts of the building, you’ll find steampunk light fixtures, a 2-ton steel chandelier, and flooring from the old basketball court at North Dakota State University. To complete the sports theme, they added some office lockers instead of a coat rack. The place is full of hidden (and not-so-hidden) references to sports, the band Rush, and the Star Wars movies.

office lockers, employee lockers, office, star wars, rush

office lockers, employee lockers, office

Storage with Style

The idea behind the second floor of the building (which has the flooring from the NDSU basketball court) was to have it be like their “own little gymnasium,” according to BlackRidge CEO Mark Anderson.  That is why when they were looking for coat racks for their employees, they thought of some classic locker room lockers with coat rods (in North Dakota State colors, of course.)

office lockers, employee lockers, sports lockers

Lockers done in North Dakota’s State’s distinctive shade of green with customized number plates

Buying Lockers with SchoolLockers.com

When Carrie from BlackRidge Financial came to SchoolLockers.com to find office lockers, she was pleased to see that there was no minimum order to receive a great price on lockers.  She received help from Jeff Stoker, one of our sales representatives.  Jeff was able to set her up with some brand new single tier “Bison” green lockers. When asked about her buying experience with SchoolLockers.com, Carrie replied, “It was great. Jeff was very helpful with my request even though it was somewhat unusual! [He] followed up on everything and everything was as promised!” She was pleased as well that the lead time for the production of the lockers was short enough that it could easily work with the construction schedule for the building.

office lockers, employee lockers, office


A Customized Touch

Each of the six employee lockers has a number plate with a number that holds a special meaning, as shown in the image below.

office lockers, employee lockers, office, locker number plates

office lockers, employee lockers, office

office lockers, employee lockers, office

office lockers, employee lockers, office

Want to add a fun touch to your own office with some old school lockers? Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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