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Tennsco C-Thru and Ventilated Steel Lockers

These Tennsco C-Thru and Ventilated Steel lockers are tough and perfect for daily use. These won’t clatter and clang when they are opened and closed because they have been designed to function quietly with noise reducing rubber bumpers that will last through decades of use. If metallic corrosion is a concern for your lockers, these units fight against rust with a five stage pre-treatment process. These cubicles are great additions to airports, municipal settings, amusement parks, and pool centers.

The C-Thru lockers provide visibility into the contents inside the units. This is extremely valuable for settings where safety and security are the first priority. This also helps your employees see which locker belongs to them more easily. C-Thru lockers feature heavy duty construction with clear acrylic panels that are positioned in steel channels for durability and stability. This design feature ensures that the lockers will last through many years of tough daily use.

Promoting air flow, ventilated steel lockers have diamond perforations on three sides. This offers not only visibility, but also increased breezes when compared to standard metal lockers. This is a necessary feature for pools and gym rooms where moisture and locker contents can cause the growth of odor causing bacteria.

Both C-Thru and Ventilated styles come assembled with all-welded construction for more stability and convenience. Available in single tiers, double tiers, and box styles, these versatile cubicles are made to fit many different spaces and have multiple applications for virtually any environment.

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