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Basketball Lockers

No matter what level you play at, a basketball locker is incredibly helpful despite having less gear and equipment that other sports may require. When you’re getting ready in the locker room you need to be preparing for the game both mentally and physically. The act of putting your regular clothes away and putting on your basketball gear helps get you in that baller mindset. Whether you’re looking for a rec center, training facility, or school, we’ve got the best and most durable lockers available.


See our video to the right for a better look at some of our basketball lockers for sale!

Our selection of basketball lockers for sale include a variety of materials, sizes and configurations to ensure that you get exactly what your facility needs. We even carry children’s sizes and styles that are made of the same durable, high quality materials as the adult sized units. From minimalist to high end options, we’ve got your lockers for basketball.

Our most popular offering is our line of stadium and equipment lockers. These are an open front style crafted from 16-gauge steel with a footlocker that doubles as a seat, coat rod, coat hooks, a top shelf, a name plate, and a lockable security box. On top of that these are the best value you’ll find anywhere. Store basketball jerseys, shorts, and sneakers with ease; the vented sides and design provides plenty of air flow to help keep your gear dry. Lockable storage means you can also store wallets, keys, phones, and other personal belongings under lock and key to keep your stuff safe so you can focus on the game instead. The best part? These ship in under a week, so you get them quick to meet your deadlines!

If you are looking for something higher end, tailored specifically for basketball players, you should check out our basketball equipment lockers. A lockbox with built-in lock is included, with a footlocker that doubles as a seat. To personalize the seat, we offer seat cushions, coatings, and even the option to have a 3D logo in the seat to proclaim your team pride. Upgrade to an Air Raider System, which is a ventilation system to maximize air flow to keep odor causing bacteria and mold away, so lockers and equipment stay dry. With a 25-year warranty, these are in it for the long haul.

If you don’t need the bells and whistles, instead preferring a more minimalist approach, we’ve got you covered there too. We carry open stadium lockers with just a shelf, a shelf and footlocker, or just a lockable security box. All are available in a variety of sizes and unlimited color choices.

If your locker room happens to be in a humid setting (near showers or a sauna), you may not want metal lockers because of the rust issue. Not a problem, our plastic basketball locker can handle that environment with ease. Even better is that plastic is incredibly scratch and dent resistant, so it can take the abuse of athletes over time. These also have the added bonus of being made from recycled materials, so they are environmentally friendly.

We also carry a line of the ideal basketball locker room lockers. These come with doors rather than an open style, with ventilation to help keep gear dry and bad smells from taking over. These are available in single and double door styles, so you can get the most out of your locker room.

Many facilities prefer fully customized basketball lockers, if you find that any of our offerings need some finishing touches, or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call any of our very talented and experienced reps for information.

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